Supply chain


21 Mar 2019

CSIRO research into the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project has determined that shifting horticulture and processed agriculture from road to rail could reduce transport costs for the agricultural industry by an estimated $70 million per year.


13 Mar 2019

This report examines ways in which life cycle thinking and related tools, such as life cycle assessment, can be used to inform effective policymaking, aimed at reducing food loss and waste.


Tracking Behind the Brands sustainability commitments through the supply chain with the ‘agribusiness scorecard’
4 Mar 2019

Oxfam's 'Behind the Brands' campaign focused on sustainability policies of the ten biggest food and beverage companies globally. This report examines the performance of seven agribusinesses against the same scorecard.


25 Feb 2019

The women who make our clothes are entrenched in a cycle of poverty — because big Australian brands allow poverty wages.


5 Mar 2018

This report presents the methodology and results of a study investigating the consumption based greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from 79 cities, carried out by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) in partnership with the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), the University of New South...


18 Oct 2017

This report aims to demystify what it means to be an 'advanced manufacturer.'

Systematic review

1 Mar 2017

What effects do certification schemes for sustainable agricultural production have on household and individual well-being in low- and middle-income countries? This systematic review suggests the results are mixed, but identify contextual factors that may influence positive outcomes.


15 Feb 2017

According to previous research by the SBEnrc, ‘The manufacture of buildings is defined as the manufacture of entire buildings, or components of buildings, in centralised facilities using repeatable processes based on traditional building techniques to achieve parallel construction outcomes, prior to transportation for erection on...

Discussion paper

15 Sep 2016

The Special Minister of State has asked Infrastructure Victoria to provide advice on the future capacity of Victoria’s commercial ports. This paper sets out the scope of our advice, and how we plan to prepare it. In particular, in line with the Minister’s request, we...

Conference paper

5 Aug 2016

To reach its goal of an 80% carbon reduction by 2050, New York City (NYC) must embrace a radical change to its buildings. The Passive House design’s performance-based standard ensures occupant comfort and very low energy use. It is a pathway for NYC to transform...


1 Mar 2016

This Audit aimed to determine infrastructure priority areas to support the growth of WA’s agriculture food and fibre sectors, enable the creation of new jobs as well as improve income and prospects for WA businesses and communities.

Conference paper

11 Dec 2015

The ‘last mile’ delivery in cities is not merely a logistics problem, but also a significant urban planning challenge. With the rapid growth of online retail transactions, the size and scope of last mile problem will more likely to escalate. The ‘atomisation’ of freight, de-bundling...


4 Jul 2015

In this white paper the Federal Government sets out the environment needed to drive better returns for farmers, increase investment, job creation, stronger regional communities and economic growth.


16 Apr 2015

Examines the increased risk of child and forced labour in the fashion industry, as many local companies are unable to trace or fail to monitor their supply chains.


It’s been two years since the fatal Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh,...


1 Oct 2014


At first sight child labour may not appear to be a material issue for Australian companies and investors: Australia has labour laws that prescribe the minimum school-leaving and employment age. Australia also has a rich tradition in worker representation and a trade...

Journal article

10 Mar 2014

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to discuss what a fully sustainable supply chain might look like and the consequences that can be drawn from this view. Also, it develops a practical approach towards sustainability supply chain performance measurement and management. The paper...


26 Jun 2013

This report focuses on packaging opportunities that may help to reduce or recover food waste, proposes opportunities for industry to address food waste through innovative and sustainable primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

Food security is an emerging challenge for policy makers and companies in...

Journal article

13 Jul 2012

This study describes the development of a decision framework to support multi-disciplinary information and knowledge management model which focuses on integrated design and delivery solutions for all construction supply chain actors.

Working paper

URP Working Paper No. 23
15 Aug 1990

The project examines the effect of technological change and modern production philosophies upon the relationship between clients and suppliers within the Australian clothing industry sectors.



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