Royal Commission into Family Violence


25 Mar 2019

This report highlights the progress of the family violence reforms since the Royal Commission into Family Violence handed down its report in 2016.


21 Mar 2019

The Monitor's annual report to Parliament outlines how effective the Victorian government and its agencies are in implementing the family violence reform measures.

Draft report

19 Mar 2019

The Essential Services Commission proposes to amend the Energy Retail Code (the code) to strengthen protections for residential and small business customers affected by family violence.

Discussion paper

Exploring ways energy retailers can provide family violence assistance that is safe and effective
31 Oct 2018

In response to the 2016 Royal Commission into Family Violence, the government has asked us to provide guidance on the policies and practices energy companies should adopt to assist them engage with survivors, victims and perpetrators of family violence.

Since July 2018, we have...


An analysis of existing research
11 May 2018

This research project has been commissioned by the Victorian government in response to needs identified by the Royal Commission into Family Violence.


10 May 2018

The first annual report of the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor has found that the Victorian government needs to invest more time in planning and coordinating its family violence reform package.


28 Mar 2018

Over the past twelve months, work has been underway across government and key sector representatives to progress the ambitious reforms recommended by the Royal Commission into Family Violence. The information in this document sets out some of the key achievements over the past year.


5 Dec 2017

This plan outlines the Victorian government’s long-term plan to equip and support workers to prevent and respond to family violence.


5 Dec 2017

The Preventing Family Violence and Violence Against Women Capability Framework provides the foundational skill set required to deliver prevention of violence against women initiatives, with recognition that future development to encompass all forms of family violence will be required. As research and evidence is developed...

Blog post

12 Jul 2017

This article explores different perspectives on the relationship between alcohol, drugs and domestic/family violence.


5 Jul 2017

The Victorian government has released new details of Australia’s first Support and Safety Hubs, which will be established in Victoria to protect women and children from violence.


19 Jun 2017

This guideline is specifically targeted toward specialist family violence services and mainstream or universal services that provide crisis response and recovery services and accommodation, including men’s behaviour change programs.

Data portal

31 May 2017

In this portal, you can access an updated set of Family Violence Database dashboards containing interactive visualisations of key measures of family violence, detailed Excel data tables with these key measures available to download and explanatory materials and definitions for the information in these pages....


1 May 2017

Victoria’s first family violence workforce census gives workers the opportunity to have a voice on the key issues affecting them and to shape the 10-year Family Violence Industry Plan (10) .

Questions relate to demographics and occupational data, qualifications, access to professional development, workload,...


Victoria’s strategy to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women
1 May 2017

The Victorian government has released this strategy which aims to prevent and address family violence and all forms of violence against women.


30 Mar 2017

Victoria continues to lead the nation in the area of family violence prevention. It is also arguably emerging as a world leader.


9 Dec 2016

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) envisaged a family violence system in which all universal services are enabled to engage in early interventions in family violence. Such a significant broad-based reform has major implications for organisations and their staff. This project scoped a...

Conference paper

29 Sep 2016

In this paper, I introduce the concept of ‘big G’ and ‘small g’ gender to help conceptualise how actors in Victoria’s domestic and family violence (DFV) policy subsystem talk about and understand gender. Big G gender tends to be categorical, more fixed than fluid, and...


23 Sep 2016

The Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (often referred to as the common risk assessment framework, or the CRAF) has been in use in Victoria since 2007. The CRAF is used by many different professional groups who come into contact with family violence...


2 Sep 2016

The Victorian government has appointed a former top cop to ensure it implements all 227 recommendations from its Family Violence Royal Commmission. The former acting commissioner of the state's police force, Tim Cartwright, says his role will be totally independent, but that he will be...



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