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Briefing paper

5 Feb 2019

In 2018, the Law and Justice Foundation developed a resource which provided tabulation of data on legal needs for each generalist community legal centres (CLC) catchment. To best meet the requirements of the CLC sector, a bespoke measure of legal need was developed for inclusion...

Briefing paper

19 Dec 2018

In 2015 the Foundation developed the Need for Legal Assistance Services (NLAS) indicators. These provide a census-based measure of the geographic distribution of potential demand for not-for-profit legal assistance services from organisations such as legal aid commissions and community legal centres. Following the release by...

Discussion paper

9 Dec 2018

The main purpose of this discussion paper is to consider how the Territory’s financial assistance scheme can be improved to better support victims of violent crimes. The paper also looks at other potential reforms for victims, including the possibility of introducing victim-offender conferencing for adult...


5 Dec 2018

This report covers phase one of the Access to Justice inquiry. In this phase, 1,600 businesses across Australia were surveyed in order to gain an understanding of where small businesses go for advice and, when they escalate a dispute, what pathways they choose.


To support the Cameron Review implementation
21 Sep 2018

This report has been prepared to provide evidence of legal need in New South Wales to assist the implementation of the Cameron Review in 2018. The evidence in this report builds on over twenty years of legal needs research undertaken by the foundation and others...


23 Aug 2018

The Justice Project, which began in early 2017, is the Law Council’s national, comprehensive review into the state of access to justice in Australia for people experiencing significant disadvantage. It is one of the most extensive reviews of its type in forty years.

Briefing paper

1 May 2018

This paper examines the experience of Indigenous Australians in relation to the resolution of legal problems in comparison with non-Indigenous people. Using the Legal AustraliaWide (LAW) Survey national dataset, the findings show that Indigenous respondents were significantly more likely than others to have unresolved crime...


27 Apr 2018

This project draws on the insights of 36 women living in New South Wales and Victoria who outlined their experiences of seeking justice and security in the context of violence that they had experienced.

Policy report

21 Mar 2018

This policy report is a statement on how tech and design can maximise opportunities for making the legal sector better. It provides a guide for individuals working in legal industries, or those hoping to get into them, to improve the way justice works.


14 Mar 2018

The Justice Project is the Law Council’s national review into the state of access to justice for people in Australia, who face significant economic and social disadvantage. It is being overseen by a Steering Committee of eminent lawyers, jurists and academics, chaired by former High...


21 Jan 2018

This report recommends significant changes to Tasmania’s criminal justice system, including using communication experts (intermediaries) to assist victims, witnesses and defendants who have communication needs to communicate with police, lawyers and the courts.


13 Dec 2017

The aim of this review was to ensure that legal assistance is directed to people most in need, improving CLC service provision and to assist the NSW government in settling an approach to funding allocation.


13 Dec 2017

Presents the results of a performance audit to assess the New Zealand Ministry of Justice’s investment in improving court services by looking at three projects between 2012 and 2016 that were part of this approach.

Discussion paper

2 Aug 2017

The Law Council of Australia is undertaking a comprehensive national review into the state of access to justice in Australia.


15 Oct 2016

Access to justice is essential for the protection of the rights of children. It is especially important for protection from discrimination, violence, abuse and exploitation, and for ensuring their best interests in all actions involving or having an impact on them. Due to their dependent...


4 Oct 2016

Access to justice is fundamental to ensuring that core values of our community are translated into practice. Those values include the rule of law, fairness, and equity. Access to justice works to ensure that citizens are treated fairly by government; it supports social cohesion and...


11 Mar 2016

The Federation welcomes the Victorian Government’s Access to Justice Review, and the opportunity to identify improvements that can be made at a state level to address the access to justice crisis.

The Federation, along with many member CLCs, made substantial contributions to the Productivity...


15 Feb 2016

VCOSS welcomes the opportunity to provide input to the Victorian Government’s Access to Justice Review. Access to justice is fundamental to a fair and inclusive society. Inadequate human rights protection, poor legal services access and inequality before the law can have significant and farreaching impacts...


15 Oct 2014

The International Bar Association (IBA) is an organisation of legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies whose mission is to provide assistance to the global legal community with the aim of influencing the development of law reform and promoting the highest professional standards and the...



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