Ageing population

Literature review

5 Feb 2019

This rapid literature review investigates the emotional health and wellbeing of Australia's carer population.

Discussion paper

12 Jul 2018

In many regards, it’s never been better time to be an older person in Victoria. Statistically people are living longer, in large part thanks to improved public health outcomes and medical advancements.

Discussion paper

29 Jun 2018

The population is getting older. The next generation of older people will live longer, be healthier, more skilled and more educated. They are much more likely to remain in the workforce – and to want to. This discussion document has been released seeking community input...

Discussion paper

13 Mar 2018

Conversations for Change is the Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria’s contribution to thought leadership about ageing in Victoria.

Each Conversation will focus on a different topic relevant to ageing and older people in our community. The initiative is a central platform in our...

Fact sheet

25 Feb 2018

This fact sheet examines some of the most notable ageing indices, their stated purposes, methodologies and results.

Policy report

18 Jul 2017

A new advocacy for older workers that doesn't rely on age-based stereotypes and focuses on more than age discrimination.

Audio interview


26 Jul 2016

Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan, steps down this week after five years in the job. Ryan is frustrated at the slowness of workplaces in adjusting to the reality of an ageing population.

A new report by accountancy giant, Price Waterhouse Coopers, calculates...


25 Jul 2016

A new PwC global report has found that harnessing the power of an older workforce could deliver gains of up to $78 billion for the Australian economy.

The report finds that if Australia’s employment rates for older workers aged 55+ was increased to those...

Journal article

1 Jun 2016

Accessible transportation is a key aspect of independent living. As the impact of population ageing on future transport systems is expected to be increasingly felt over the next few decades in a number of countries, including Australia and Japan, it is logical to recognise the...

Conference paper

9 Dec 2015

The older population in Australia (65+) is expected to double in coming decades, creating many multi-faceted implications for Australian society. The sociology of ageing suggests that older people experience their social world in a distinct way that is uniquely shaped by their memories, historical life...


4 Sep 2015

Australia is on the cusp of two of the greatest disruptive transformations in history: the ageing of the population and a technological revolution. How the nation manages with both of these prospects will determine its fortune.

These two phenomena will cause a ripple effect...

Fact sheet

22 Jul 2015

This fact sheet compares historic demographic patterns and central projections from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Treasury. It looks at trends relating to the total population, population ageing, fertility, life expectancy and migration. Treasury figures are of particular interest since they form...


14 Apr 2015

One of the major structural changes facing Australia over coming decades is the ageing of the population. A challenge for government is how to meet the transport requirements of Australia’s senior population as their mobility declines. Transport can provide seniors with an essential link to...


22 Aug 2014

Describes what could develop in the future housing market if the current rate of construction fails to increase.


Empty Nests, Crowded Houses: Building for an ageing population is our latest publication on housing affordability in New Zealand. It describes what could...


16 Jan 2014

Victorian aged care provider, Benetas, provides feedback to the implementation of the Application Form and Guideline process for Living Longer, Living Better Significant Refurbishment Supplement.

As a whole, Benetas is supportive of the new Accommodation Supplement and the Guidelines for newly built and significantly...


23 Mar 2012


Demography and politics

The population of Australia was estimated at 22.8 million in February 2012, making it the 51st most populous country in the world. With a settlement pattern dominated by six major cities, Australia is one of the most...


17 Jan 2011

Mature aged women have greatly increased their participation in paid employment over the past three decades. This report looks at the causes and impact of this continuing trend.

The contribution to total hours worked by people of working age of women aged 45 to...


30 Nov 2009

'State of ageing in South Australia' is a joint project between the University of Adelaide, Flinders Uni, UniSA and the South Australian Ageing Research Round Table, an initiative of the Office for the Ageing. The project report was launched by the Minister for...


18 May 2009

This report examines how participation requirements for parents and mature age job seekers receiving income support payments could be adjusted to better take account of their family and community responsibilities.

The Taskforce looked at ways to increase workforce participation, particularly for parents with...


25 Sep 2008

The ageing of Australia’s population will call for the provision of aged care services to much larger numbers of people over the next few decades. Services will also need to meet the challenges posed by the increasing diversity of older people in terms of their...



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