alcohol consumption


27 Feb 2019

This report presents an overview of the social and economic costs and harms of alcohol consumption in the Northern Territory (NT). Using data gathered from 2015-16, the report provides a current evidence-based account of alcohol consumption in the territory.


National and local purchasing times
31 Jan 2019

This report from SHORE & Whariki Research Centre examines patterns of purchasing of alcohol in New Zealand, including late night purchasing, from on and off licensed premises, using survey data from 2015.


12 Dec 2018

Polydrug use is the consumption of two or more drug types within a defined period of time. It may be limited to illicit drugs, or may include illicit drugs and legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco.


1 Nov 2018

This infographic highlights key insights from four reports produced by Massey University and University of Auckland on the role of alcohol in older people’s lives and patterns of alcohol use in New Zealand.


25 Oct 2018

This report by Massey University and the University of Auckland looked at the initiation of alcohol use, the patterns of alcohol use across the lifespan, and transitions from hazardous to non-hazardous drinking.

The research found two cohorts of women and three cohorts of men...


10 Oct 2018

This analysis reveals that the AFL and NRL 2018 grand finals were highly saturated with alcohol advertising, the vast majority of which took place during children’s TV viewing hours.

Journal article

27 Sep 2018

This paper replicates two previously used survey approaches to consolidate a national picture of alcohol mixed with energy drink (AmED) consumption in Australia.


26 Sep 2018

Massey University and the University of Auckland were funded through HPA’s Research Investments for Priorities in Alcohol (RIPA) to look at the role of alcohol in older people’s lives, patterns of alcohol use, and how the drinking patterns of older New Zealanders compare with other...


12 Sep 2018

In a national survey of older adults, we compared the classification of hazardous versus non-hazardous drinkers based on the AUDIT-C and the Comorbidity Alcohol Risk Evaluation Tool (CARET).

The CARET is an older adult-specific alcohol screen that assesses alcohol-related risks both based on consumption...


19 Apr 2018

Increasing the price of cheap alcohol, such as through excise taxes or minimum pricing schemes, is an important tool in a package of measures that governments can use to reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm. This report investigates trends over time in alcohol prices and...


21 Mar 2018

This comprehensive report describes the findings from the 3,500 surveys conducted with 14-19 year old Australians from October 2016 to March 2017.


17 Mar 2018

Young people are more likely to start drinking alcohol earlier and at risky levels as a direct result of alcohol companies targeting them via advertising, this review by Curtin University has found.


22 Feb 2018

This report acknowledges that the current regulatory framework for alcohol in the Northern Territory is not fit for purpose and that the NT government needs to deliver a cohesive approach to alcohol harm minimisation for all Territorians.


6 Dec 2017

Very little is known about the role of alcohol in older people’s lives over the lifespan, patterns of alcohol use over older adulthood, and how the drinking patterns of older New Zealanders compare with patterns in older adults in other countries. Using data from the...


18 Oct 2017

This report was produced as part of an independent review of the Northern Territory's (NT) current alcohol policies and legislation. It was commissioned in response to concern about levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm in the NT.

Journal article

1 Aug 2017

Indigenous communities in Queensland (Australia) have been subject to Alcohol Management Plans since 2002/03, with significant penalties for breaching restrictions. ‘Sly grog’ and ‘homebrew’ provide access to alcohol despite restrictions. This paper describes how this alcohol is made available and the risks and impacts involved....

Discussion paper

Addressing physical availability of alcohol in Australia and the UK
30 May 2017

This report compares and assesses the policies that regulate the physical availability of alcohol in Australia and the United Kingdom.


7 Oct 2016

From 2003–04 to 2014–15 the rate of treatment for alcohol in Australia has increased. From 2004 to 2013 however, there was a decrease in the rate of Australians drinking alcohol and this was seen across a range of risk measures. Similarly, the apparent consumption of...

Briefing paper

15 Aug 2010

Levels of psycho-stimulant (e.g. amphetamine or cocaine) use are comparatively low amongst the general population of drinkers, reports this recent Crime and Justice Bureau Brief.

Following reports that some of the violence on licensed premises might be attributable to the use of drugs such...



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