Assistive technology


29 Jan 2020

This report evaluates the design and development of a prototype Peer Support Platform that aimed to address the information, linkages and capacity (ILC) building needs of people with low vision and blindness.


An investigation into the opportunities to build local capacity to deliver NDIS supports specific to Assistive Technology
1 May 2019

This Groote Eylandt Assistive Technology (AT) Feasibility Study investigated the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout on Groote Eylandt with a view to determining whether there are opportunities for local organisations to build capacity to deliver Assistive Technology (AT) supports funded by the NDIS. AT...

Position paper

20 Jun 2018

This position paper explains the rationale for recommending action on assistive technologies before the finalisation of the NDIS rollout.


20 Jun 2018

This research was commissioned by Australia’s National Aged Care Alliance. The rapid evidence review found firm evidence that assistive technology (AT) delivers independence, autonomy, safety and participation.


18 Jun 2018

Building on Australia’s strengths in robot talent and technologies in niche application areas, this roadmap acts as a guide to how Australia can support a vibrant robotics industry that supports automation across all sectors of the Australian economy.


31 May 2018

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is set to work with industry to design a best-practice model for regulatory telematics in heavy vehicles to improve safety, productivity and compliance.

Conference proceedings

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Design4Health 2017, Melbourne Cricket Ground, 4 - 7 Dec 2017, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
30 May 2018

Design4Health is an international conference that brings together designers, health professionals and creative practitioners with researchers, clinicians, policy makers and users from across the world to discuss, disseminate and test their approaches and methods in the ever-changing nexus between design and health.

Journal article

15 May 2018

This paper presents a two-phase In-situ design process for Socially Assistive Robots in health care, emphasising stakeholder engagement and on-site development.


The relationship between education and technology for students with disabilities
22 Feb 2018

This report details findings of the Curtin University Teaching Innovation funded project Internet of Things (IoT) Education: Implications for Students with Disabilities. This project aimed to provide insight into both the potential risks and benefits of the IoT for tertiary students with disabilities, particularly in...


Report of the 2015-2016 Study Panel
6 Sep 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science and a set of computational technologies that are inspired by—but typically operate quite differently from—the ways people use their nervous systems and bodies to sense, learn, reason, and take action. While the rate of progress in AI has been...

Blog post

21 Jan 2016

A look at cutting edge technologies that could radically improve the daily lives of people living with disabilities.

Technology has long been making advances to help improve the lives of those living with disabilities - from the electric wheelchair to cochlear implants. But the...

Journal article

4 May 2015

The purpose of this study was to investigate of how assistive cutlery design effects perception of the user. Studies regarding the usage and development of assistive cutlery have primarily focused on the ergonomics, whereas research into the aesthetics of assistive cutlery has been minimal.


27 Feb 2015

The Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) responds to the NDIA’s AT Discussion Paper, and advocates that roles for all stakeholders must be considered.


29 Jan 2015

This paper recommends a government reimbursement scheme for home retrofits.

Executive summary

This is a paper about older Australians and their homes. Homes are bricks and mortar and more. What they are and what they represent is not sufficiently captured by the...

Discussion paper

15 Dec 2014


What is assistive technology?

The agreed World Health Organisation definition is "Assistive technology can be defined as “any piece of equipment, or product, whether it is acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional...


17 Nov 2014

The Home Modification Information (HMinfo) Clearinghouse, established in 2002, is an information service tasked with collating, reviewing and creating the evidence base for best practice in modification of the home environment to support people with problems in self care, participation and autonomy.

Home modifications...


1 Sep 2014

Concerns about the price of assistive technology products (AT, also known as aids and equipment) arise regularly in public policy discourse and the media. These papers present the available evidence and essential contextual information regarding AT pricing in Australia.


23 May 2012

Addressing the challenges faced by an ageing population, this report discusses how smart technologies can support older people to remain in their homes.

Australia has an ageing population. In 1901 the average life expectancy in Australia was 47 years. By 2025 it will be...



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