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1 Jul 2014

This policy brief explores four key issues pertaining to the future of early childhood education and care in Australia: the importance of early childhood, quality early childhood education and care, service integration, and the inclusion of children with disability and developmental delays.


27 May 2009

The review contains the Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian Government assistance to industry and documents the findings of the major reviews dealing with export assistance, innovation policy, and assistance to the automotive and the textiles, clothing and footwear sectors. The review also look at...


12 May 2009

The Australian government's statutory paid parental leave scheme should be taxpayer-funded, and should provide paid postnatal leave for a total of 18 weeks that can be shared by eligible parents, at the adult federal minimum wage, according to this report.

All those employed with...


7 Apr 2009

In addition to being a key service provider, the role of the sector in promoting social cohesion, raising civic awareness and facilitating participation in community activities — all of which have indirect economic and social benefits — is increasingly acknowledged by policymakers.

Against this...


31 Mar 2009

This study explores the scope for efficient financing to reduce the life-time cost of an infrastructure project and the potential of financing vehicles to improve the investment decision. It does not attempt an overall comparative assessment of financing vehicles - many legal, institutional, market environment...


6 Feb 2009

The mutual recognition schemes linking Australian states and territories and New Zealand have contributed to the creation of a seamless national economy in Australia and a single economic market across the Tasman, according to this report. This, and other findings are contained in a review...


19 Jan 2009

This paper outlines the main issues that the Commission will consider in its current inquiry into gambling, and provides background information on the industry and its impacts, including: a profile of gambling activity and gamblers in Australia, gambling trends, taxation and regulatory arrangements, current consumer...


29 Sep 2008

A taxpayer-funded parental leave scheme of 18 weeks at the adult minimum wage ($544 per week) would benefit around 140,000 mothers and their newborn children each year and yield community-wide gains in the long term, according to this draft report. The scheme also provides for...


25 Sep 2008

The ageing of Australia’s population will call for the provision of aged care services to much larger numbers of people over the next few decades. Services will also need to meet the challenges posed by the increasing diversity of older people in terms of their...


5 Aug 2008

Births in Australia are at an historical high – with around 285 000 babies born in 2007. This corresponds to an estimated total fertility rate of 1.93 babies per woman, the highest since the early 1980s. This is not a one-off event as fertility rates...


31 Jul 2008

This report is the Commission’s latest scorecard on the financial performance of 86 government trading enterprises (GTEs). The report also examines the impact on capital management of inadequate compensation for community service obligations and of the persistent poor performance of some GTEs. The 86 GTEs...


12 Jun 2008

The rise of part time employment over the past forty years represents a fundamental change in the Australian labour market. Part time employment has become an important component of the range of working arrangements and represents an example of the labour market’s response to economic...


5 Jun 2008

The commission was asked by the government to undertake modelling of the economy-wide effects of assistance options and scenarios identified by the current Bracks Review of Australia's automotive industry. The options cover a number of combinations of tariffs and levels of assistance provided...


8 May 2008

While Australia's consumer policy framework has considerable strengths, parts of it require an overhaul. The first step in this process should be the introduction of a single generic consumer law applying across Australia, based on the consumer provisions in the Trade Practices Act, modified to...


8 Apr 2008

Behavioural economics is economists satisfying themselves intellectually of truths about economic agents' behaviour that are readily understood by marketers and politicians. It is the scientific study of intuition which, because of the way the human brain has evolved, heavily influences our decision making. Behavioural economics...


4 Apr 2008

This report contains the Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry. It also examines recent developments in assistance in various sectors of the economy over the year or so prior to the commencement of the caretaker period in October 2007, and outlines...


1 Apr 2008

Most urban households face severe restrictions on their use of water. These impose hidden costs that could amount to billions of dollars each year. Australia’s urban water shortages are only partly due to low rainfall. An important contributor has been inadequate institutional arrangements for the...


24 Jan 2008

This technical paper contains a detailed examination of key elements of the Review’s analytical approach. Originally prepared as an internal research memorandum following release of the Stern Review’s report, the paper is being made more widely available given its ongoing relevance in light of Australia’s...


12 Dec 2007

Australia's consumer policy framework has considerable strengths, but parts of it require an overhaul if it is to effectively meet the needs of consumers, businesses and the community in the decades ahead. At present, its capacity to deliver good outcomes is compromised by institutional deficiencies...


8 Aug 2007

This roundtable examined the policy implications of behavioural economics – a relatively new field that applies insights from psychology to economic issues and analysis. Participants discussed the contribution that behavioural economics can make to a broader understanding of people’s motivation and behaviour in markets and...



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