Australian values


28 Jun 2017

Measures Australian engagement with the arts in 2016, confirming both its personal and social value.

Journal article

12 Feb 2016

Debates concerning the nature, purpose and importance of Australian values have resurfaced in Australia following the election of the Liberal-led Coalition Government in September 2013. Two dominant discourses on Australian values have emerged within recent government rhetoric and public policy, both of which have included...


20 Nov 2006

In his speech for the Ninth Annual Hawke Lecutre, Greg Combet asks How can we, as Australians, create a democratic consensus around the issues which are important to our present and to our future? Although Australians differ amongst themselves over many issues, our national identity...


5 Oct 2006

The debate about Australian values, culture and citizenship keeps simmering along and shows no sign of going away any time soon. Martin Leet examines the hypocrisy that characterises the debate and argues that it distracts attention from the real issues.



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