29 Jul 2018

Deft management and misleading polls helped turn Super Saturday into a public relations coup for Labor.


19 Jul 2018

Tony Abbott is an unwelcome presence — for the government at least — amid the tangle of by-elections on 28 July, writes Peter Brent.


5 Mar 2018

This research paper updates an earlier Parliamentary Library publication and details the 151 by-elections for the House of Representatives held to date, including some of the factors involved in their being held. It also discusses relevant factors such as the timing of by-elections, the number...


8 Feb 2018

The battle for the inner-Melbourne seat is no ordinary by-election for Labor, suggests Peter Brent.


31 Oct 2017

Northcote has been held by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since its inception in 1927. The seat is now being hotly contested by the ALP and the Victorian Greens, among a field of twelve candidates.


22 Sep 2008

This paper details House of Representatives by-elections held from 14 September 1901 (Darling Downs) to 6 September 2008 (Lyne and Mayo), a period during which there were 144 by-elections, an average of 3.5 per parliament. The number of nominations has grown over the years from...


16 Aug 2005

In this revised research brief Gerard Newman discusses the 141 by-elections for the House of Representatives since Federation, including the most recent for the New South Wales division of Werriwa. Appendices give a full set of by-election figures.



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