criminal justice system

Draft report

10 Sep 2019

In partnership with Aboriginal Territorians, the Northern Territory government is developing the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement. The NT government has released this draft to seek input from Territorians before finalising the content of the agreement.


6 Sep 2019

This review examined forensic mental health service delivery, forensic disability services, health services in youth justice detention, community mental health and disability services for people leaving the criminal justice system, and legislation and court processes.


16 Aug 2019

This report investigates the reasons behind the increase in the number of people being denied bail and detained in prison in Victoria. Through a comparison of bail laws and their associated parliamentary debates in Victoria in 1977 and 2017–18, it analyses how risk has been...


24 Jul 2019

This report provides important insights into Māori attitudes toward the justice system and ideas on how to improve justice outcomes.


17 Jul 2019

Victorian Aboriginal Law Service (VALS) sets out a detailed submissions under numbered headings which correspond to each of the Terms of Reference of the Spent Convictions Scheme Inquiry.


8 Jul 2019

This report looks at the relationship between homicide and all elements of development through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals in order to explore how homicide rates affect development levels and vice versa.


1 Jul 2019

This report begins by outlining key events that led to the establishment of the Commission, including relevant reviews and court proceedings. It then sets out the Commission’s work to date and how it intends to approach its terms of reference.


27 Jun 2019

This report examines how and why changes to the law of self-defence have not had their intended effects. It explores how legal professionals and experts understand IPV, influencing which facts are selected and presented as relevant in the criminal process and the meaning made of...


24 Jun 2019

This annual report assesses what governments around the world are doing to combat trafficking. The 2019 report highlights a particular gap in anti-trafficking interventions, where a government concentrates on transnational cases at the expense of cases taking place exclusively within its borders.

Discussion paper

24 Jun 2019

This issues paper draws on existing research and commentary in Victoria and other jurisdictions on the role of committal and pre-trial proceedings. Its publication marks the beginning of the Commission’s consultation period.


13 Jun 2019

Children can’t sign up to Facebook until age 13 but in Australia they can be prosecuted for a criminal offence at age ten, and that needs to change.


9 Jun 2019

He Waka Roimata – which translates as 'a vessel of tears' – shares reflections on conversations and submissions Te Uepū received from New Zealanders about the criminal justice system.


7 Jun 2019

Australia has seen rapid, unsustainable growth in its incarceration rate. Over the past ten years, the proportion of Australian residents who are incarcerated has risen by 30 percent. The purpose of this paper is to show what this increase means in real terms. Every extra...


Final report on phase 1 of the New Zealand Law Foundation’s "Artificial Intelligence and Law in New Zealand" project
1 Jun 2019

This report was prepared as part of the New Zealand Law Foundation-funded project: Artificial Intelligence and Law in New Zealand . The overall focus of the report is on the regulatory issues surrounding uses of AI in New Zealand.


15 May 2019

This report examines trends in the prevalence and sentencing of firearms offences in Victoria. It considers 132 firearms offence provisions sentenced in Victorian courts in the five years from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2017 (the reference period).


8 Mar 2019

The 2018 Global Overview outlines key trends across the at least 35 countries that retain the death penalty for drug offences in law, and analyses data on death sentences and executions from the last decade


19 Feb 2019

Animal cruelty offences in Victoria is the first ever report on how animal cruelty is sentenced in the state. It identifies the animal cruelty offences people and corporations were sentenced for between 2008 and 2017, the sentences imposed for those offences and other offences...

Briefing paper

15 Feb 2019

This Bill Brief looks primarily at law reforms concerning a new class of procedure known as a ‘DNA profile sample’, which seeks to grant police the ability to authorise the taking of DNA samples from persons suspected of committing indictable offences.


7 Feb 2019

This overview summarises 10 key legislative changes to sentencing law in Victoria from 2018, including the introduction of standard sentences, Category A and B serious youth offences and youth control orders. It also looks at two judicial decisions that will affect the way that sentencing...

Draft report

1 Feb 2019

In September 2018, the Queensland government directed the Queensland Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism. This report summarises the commission's early findings and nominates areas where further information is sought.



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