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Journal article

22 Mar 2019

Bias crime is crime that is motivated by prejudice or bias towards an attribute of the victim, such as race, religion or sexuality. Police have been criticised for failing to take bias crime seriously, and there is a pressing need to understand the reasons for...


12 Mar 2019

The consumption of alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmED) has become popular in Australia, particularly among young people. AmED research suggests there are associations between AmED consumption and harmful behaviours, including criminal offences. This study investigated the behaviours of a group of AmED consumers known...


6 Mar 2019

This study uses a sample of over 21,000 Australian children and their parents to determine the prevalence and co-occurrence of offending among mothers and fathers, and the relationship between parental offending and children’s conduct problems at age 11.


14 Jan 2019

As the first attempt to analyse the criminal histories of organised crime offenders in Australia, this study offers insights into the extent, nature and seriousness of offending.


10 Dec 2018

This paper explores the complex interaction between organised crime and other forms of crime, sometimes described as ‘volume crimes’ because of their widespread incidence. In particular, it shows how the commission of organised crime, or the involvement of those engaged in organised crime, can entail...


17 May 2018

This report analyses the diversion schemes currently operating in the Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts of Victoria.


13 Apr 2018

This report presents the findings of a preliminary inquiry into the nature of and the risks arising from misuse of the Domain Name System (DNS), and how criminological and regulatory approaches can assist in minimising risks of such misuse.


21 Dec 2017

This inaugural unclassified report, produced by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, highlights the way serious financial crimes are impacting on the Australian community.


19 Dec 2017

This resource provides a statistical overview of five kinds of theft offences sentenced in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria between 2012–13 and 2016–17.


13 Oct 2017

This longitudinal study report examines how arson may differ according to both the socio-economic characteristics of regions and the personal experience of crime.


Bradshaw Review
3 Jul 2017

This report proposes a number of recommendations aimed at addressing stock theft, rural trespass and illegal hunting. These include enhanced penalties for existing offences, an expansion of current regulatory requirements and significant changes to the way the NSW Police Force is currently structured to address...

Policy report

1 May 2017

In Victoria, police decide what to disclose in a criminal record check. These checks go to employers, housing providers and insurance companies. With a conviction, these checks can be a roadblock to accessing all manner of life’s necessities. And it doesn’t just impact serious offenders;...



24 Jun 2016

Aim: To examine the effect of the Police and Citizen Youth Clubs (PCYC) Young Offender program on re-offending.

Method: Young people who were referred to a PCYC Young Offender program in New South Wales (NSW) between 2010 and 2013 were matched (68% of 2,055,...


8 Jun 2016

In the 24 months to March 2016, two of the 17 major offences showed a significant upward trend across NSW, seven were trending downward and the remaining eight offences were stable. The offences trending upward were steal from retail store (up 7.9%) and indecent assault,...

Journal article

30 Mar 2013

Drawing on a 4-year research project, ‘Exploring the experience of security in the Vietnamese-Australian community: practical implications for policing,’ this article examines the perspectives of the Melbourne Vietnamese Australian community outreach and legal professionals on policing the drug trade. Engaging with current debates on the...



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