Blog post

17 Jul 2019

The chief digital officer of NHS Digital discusses efforts to make NHS information more easily accessible in the digital age. The blog post also addresses concerns around patient data being shared with Amazon under an initiative to make verified healthcare data accessible via the Alexa...


24 Jan 2019

This edited collection examines 'good data' practices, values and principles from an interdisciplinary, international perspective. It aims to start a conversation on data futures and present steps to encourage the use of good data in practice.


12 Dec 2018

This brochure outlines the scope of the network's portfolio, the emerging technologies it covers and the engagement opportunities for public and private bodies through the network of Global Fourth Industrial Revolution Councils.

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network’s vision is to help...


29 Nov 2018

How data sovereignty can empower First Australian communities to define success on their own terms, and in so doing, improve outcomes for people.


19 Aug 2018

This aim of this report is to improve care experienced by pregnant women and their babies by developing standards for a digital maternity record to allow clinical information to be recorded, exchanged and accessed consistently across care settings.

Briefing paper

17 Oct 2016

This NCSEHE Briefing Note provides an update on domestic undergraduate student enrolment and equity outcomes from 2008 to 2015, following Koshy and Seymour (2015). In keeping with the earlier editions of this series, the briefing note focuses on undergraduate outcomes for Table A providers. It...


22 Jun 2016

Under Australia’s Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program, young people (aged 18 to 30 years) from certain countries may apply for one of two visas—Working Holiday (subclass 417) or Work and Holiday (subclass 462). The visa available to applicants depends on their country of citizenship, but...


14 Jun 2016

Integrated data provides valuable insights to improve social and economic outcomes for New Zealand. Statistics New Zealand's Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) combines information from a range of organisations to enable decision makers to address complex issues.


29 Apr 2016

This report shows areas where the health sector is performing well for Pacific peoples and where further improvement is needed.

ʼAla Mo’ui: Pathways to Pacific Health and Wellbeing 2014–18 ( ̛Ala Mo’ui ) is a four-year plan that provides an outcomes framework to deliver...


Discussion paper

21 Apr 2016

This article discusses the similarities between Australian and New Zealand Indigenous people's troublesome health issues.

Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand, despite the distance separating them and varying histories, have one disturbing issue in common: poor health. A landmark comprehensive report published today...


14 Apr 2016

This guide provides a brief overview of employment by industry and lists some relevant data sources. This is one in a series of statistical quick guides, designed to provide a basic understanding of Australian labour market data. Other guides include employment and labour force, which...


7 Mar 2016

This report presents data about ICT use and expenditure since 2008-09 by government entities.

The Australian Government introduced ICT Benchmarking in 2009. It is a requirement that Non-Corporate Commonwealth entities subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 participate in annual benchmarking...

Journal article

14 Sep 2015


To explore increasing concerns about scientific misconduct and data irreproducibility in some areas of science, we interviewed a number of senior biomedical researchers. These interviews revealed a perceived decline in trust in the scientific enterprise, in large part because the quantity of...

Discussion paper

9 Jul 2015

What will the data revolution do? What will it be about? What will it count? What kinds of risks and harms might it bring? Whom and what will it serve? And who will get to decide?

This brief discussion paper is intended to advance...


30 Jun 2015

Following the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 the Nepalese Government has made datasets openly available through a Disaster Data Portal, with many organisations and individuals also producing visual data platforms. This open data allows people to make their own analysis.


11 Mar 2015

Not yet developed in Australia, Data Labs in the UK aim to provide a new, low-cost way to understand service impact using data that is already collected.

Data Labs enable service providers to use existing government data to better understand the impact of their...


3 Dec 2014

Executive summary

Key trends

Mobile services are now at saturation levels with 2013–14 seeing the first, albeit small, decline in the number of mobile services in operation to 31.01 million mobile services—a 0.3 per cent decline on the previous year....

Journal article

27 May 2014

This paper examines in detail a sequence of the production and reading of literacy assessment data in a small Catholic school.


In Australia, as in many western education systems over the last two decades, discourses of accountability and performativity have reshaped education...


22 Apr 2013

An agency’s information is one of its most valuable assets. The Freedom of Information Act 1982 declares that government information is a national resource that should be managed for public purposes.

Releasing agency information and data (information assets) for reuse by the public can:...


12 Feb 2008

The selection of immigrants by skill and education is a central issue in the analysis of immigration. Since highly educated immigrants tend to be more successful in host country labour markets and less of a fiscal cost it is important to know what determines the...



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