Fact sheet

8 Apr 2018

To mark 150 years since the first Australian life tables were published, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) and the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (Global Burden of Disease Group and Centre for Health Policy) held a symposium in...


28 Sep 2016

The effect of house prices on households’ financial decisions has been an important question facing researchers and policy-makers. Increases in house prices may lead households to take on additional debt, refinance an existing mortgage, or change the composition of the debt held. Studies of labour...

Fact sheet

22 Jul 2015

This fact sheet compares historic demographic patterns and central projections from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Treasury. It looks at trends relating to the total population, population ageing, fertility, life expectancy and migration. Treasury figures are of particular interest since they form...

Discussion paper

14 Aug 2009

Outside the United States, very little is known about long-run trends in school productivity. This paper presents new evidence using two data series from Australia, where comparable tests are available back to the 1960s.

For young teenagers (aged 13-14), the authors find a small...


17 Mar 2008

This research paper provides an analysis by Commonwealth electoral division of socio-demographic data from the second release of the 2006 Census of Population and Housing. The electoral boundaries used in this paper are the current boundaries used at the 2007 federal election.

This paper...


12 Jan 2008

Like their counterparts elsewhere, more young Australians than ever are delaying the move to establish residential independence from their parents. This paper reviews the developing economics literature surrounding young people's decisions to continue living in their parents' homes in order to begin to assess the...


24 May 2007

Large proportions of older voters have consistently favoured the Liberal/National Coalition since the mid 1990s. Will this demographic pattern continue to favour the Coalition, or is there a shift underway in the opposite direction? This paper attempts to answer this question by drawing on a...



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