digital convergence


Meet the nations leading the way in digitalisation
17 Dec 2019

New technology, ageing populations, and globalisation are driving some of the biggest changes in labour markets around the world. This report provides a snapshot of how the 'digital frontrunner' countries are delivering a digital economy for all.


15 Aug 2019

This article is an edited and condensed version of a conversation with Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff, in which Zuboff shares an in-depth explanation of the workings of surveillance capitalism, how to “awaken the public mind” to its dangers, and how to rescue the digital future...


2 Jul 2019

A lesson learned from IT security over the past decade is that impacts are severe unless security is considered up front and threats are managed proactively rather than reactively. As the convergence of IT and OT gathers pace in our critical national infrastructure, urgent action...


8 Jan 2018

This paper reveals findings from the research project around understanding and rethinking what ‘privacy’ means to individuals and IoT designers/developers in the realm of increasing digital connectivity.


4 May 2016

Evolution of the media and how news is consumed in Australia has prompted reforms to media ownership laws. Current laws focus on traditional sources of news and fail to accommodate for the instantaneous and unregulated nature of the Internet. Reform has been encouraged to allow...

Journal article

27 Apr 2015

This paper proposes an analysis of digital convergence through the concepts of French philosopher Gilbert Simondon, who develops a theory of technicity as a mode of existence of humanity on par with religion, science and art, and describes an evolution of technicity that culminates in...

Journal article

21 Sep 2006

Convergence is one of the hot topics in Internet studies. Recently, however, media organizations have turned their focus to cross media communication. Media organizations are interested in optimizing communication across platforms such as TV, radio, websites, mobile telephones and newspapers. The aim of this article...



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