Digital economy


14 Feb 2019

This joint Australian and New Zealand report looks at the broad challenges and opportunities created by the digital economy and at what institutional and regulatory settings by the Australian and New Zealand Governments would be most effective.

Working paper

28 Jan 2019

The future of work is currently receiving attention at the highest policy levels. This paper demonstrates the case for a strong gender lens in these debates and makes a clear call for women’s economic empowerment to be at the front and centre of efforts to...


24 Jan 2019

This paper outlines how the rapid pace of innovation and shifting global leadership in digital technology are creating major challenges for Canada’s digital industries, but how they are also creating new opportunities.


A consultation paper in response to the Black Economy Taskforce: final report
23 Jan 2019

The purpose of this paper is to seek views on the possible design characteristics of a reporting regime to provide information on Australians who receive an income from sharing economy websites.


Delivering a strong, safe and inclusive digital economy
18 Dec 2018

This report sets out the opportunities and the challenges in maximising the benefits that a digital economy can bring. It highlights the work already happening across government and identifies further actions required to ensure all Australians can thrive in a global digital economy.

Policy report

Future productivity
18 Dec 2018

Future Productivity is the third edition of Industry Insights. Future Productivity looks at Australia’s productivity performance and how digital technologies and management capability may affect productivity in the years ahead.


9 Nov 2018

Drawing on new survey data this report provides a profile of micro-businesses with 1-9 employees in Northern Ireland in comparison to UK regional, Irish and US benchmarks. The report provides the first evidence on levels of business ambition, resilience and digital adoption for this group...

Discussion paper

1 Nov 2018

Benefits of the digital economy are evident in everyday life, but there are significant concerns that these benefits may not be appropriately reflected in official statistics. The measurement of the net benefits of new and disappearing products depends on what type of price index the...


1 Nov 2018

Students are being faced with a false choice between the liberal arts and technical fields. Philosophy, English, and history majors are warned to prepare for un- or underemployment, while classmates in engineering and computer science are assumed to have six-figure salaries waiting after graduation....

Discussion paper

Treasury discussion paper
2 Oct 2018

The federal government is working with other countries, through the G20 and the OECD, to develop sustainable, multilateral responses to address the challenges to Australia's tax systems arising from digitalisation. This discussion paper explores options to move towards a fairer and more sustainable tax system...

Discussion paper

1 Aug 2018

In this work we offer an open and data-driven skills taxonomy, which is independent of ESCO and O*NET, two popular available taxonomies that are expert-derived. Since the taxonomy is created in an algorithmic way without expert elicitation, it can be quickly updated to reflect changes...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

This paper aims to comprehend the prospect of small independent retailers ‘in categorised shopping centres by analysing consumer browsing behaviour in the Australian retail market. Furthermore, the paper examines the significance of extended trading hours in facilitating consumer browsing behaviour in shopping centres. The role...


1 Jun 2018

We have used 2-dimensional media for centuries to access content and knowledge – pages in books and newspapers, screens in cinemas, televisions, computers and smartphones. Immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality take us further by placing us right inside incredible...

Literature review

29 May 2018

As part of Eurofound’s research activities on ‘work and employment in the digital age’, and more specifically its research strand related to platforms, this paper aims to provide a review of relevant literature on platform work, notably as regards the different emerging types of platform...

Briefing paper

21 May 2018

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was signed into being on March 21st, 2018 in Kigali, where 44 African heads of state and governments met and agreed on the binding commitment. The AfCFTA will come into effect after ratification by at least 22 countries....

Working paper

17 May 2018

The rise of influential Chinese digital giants, including Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi has shown the world that China is a global leader in digital innovation and it is not surprising that China has started to influence the global digital market. But is China exploiting...


1 May 2018

The rapidly changing world of work presents a flurry of unanswered questions for us all. Take underemployment, which refers to people working in jobs for which they are overqualified. This topic has garnered attention over the years, with researchers illuminating how one in three Americans...


12 Feb 2018

This edition includes contributions on issues at the heart of the new government’s policy agenda, commencing with three future-focused issues: the implications of the digital revolution, the crucial role of technology platforms in economic development, and recent efforts to enhance foresight in policy-making.

Journal article

12 Feb 2018

The digital revolution is unstoppable and irreversible. The speed, scope and pervasiveness of digital technologies is profound. Like every other technology driven change, it has benefits and challenges.


1 Dec 2017

This report contains useful data and compelling case studies from every state and territory, from public, school, special, academic and state libraries. It provides a colourful resource which libraries can use to explain how they are driving digital transformation in library management, collections, programs and...



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