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2 Apr 2019

This guide provides brief background information on a variety of recent and current initiatives in the Australian federal public sector associated with ‘digital transformation’, as well as links to relevant sources of information.


Attracting and retaining a highly skilled, diverse workforce to support the Government of Canada’s digital strategy
8 Mar 2019

Canada’s public service has charted an ambitious and comprehensive information management and technology strategy, and talent is one of its pillars. This report argues that leveraging diverse, inclusive, tolerant and supportive work environments can help attract the talent that the Government of Canada needs to...

Briefing paper

30 Nov 2018

Australia has fallen behind many other countries by failing to adopt an integrated approach to e-government that joins up all government services across the three tiers of government. For citizens, this makes life harder than it needs to be and consumes time that could be...


26 Sep 2018

Governments are currently not set up for the complexities of the digital age, concludes PPF’s Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow, Kent Aitken, in his year-long study. He suggests four ways they need to fundamentally change.


25 Jun 2017

This New Zealand radio documentary explores the issues involved with government collection of social service data.


23 Jan 2015

The Commonwealth Government will establish a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) within the Department of Communications so that government services can be delivered digitally from start to finish and better serve the needs of citizens and businesses.

The DTO will comprise a small team of...


26 Nov 2014

Executive summary

Digital Government strategies are being rolled out in many Australian and international jurisdictions, ushering in a fundamentally different approach to the design and delivery of public sector services. Digital Government makes digital services (usually delivered through internet and mobile channels) the...


13 Mar 2014

This is the second of two reports from the Government as a Social Machine project. The first report gave an overview of the evolution of electronic/digital government, and explored the concept of 21st century government as a 'social machine'.

This report identifies seven social...


2 Jun 2009

This Information Economy Agenda 2009-2014 sets out a framework for delivering our digital future.

Today the global financial crisis, climate change and a world competing for talent and capital mean that we face a radically changing future. South Australia will not succeed if it...



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