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8 Mar 2019

This paper recommends a framework for strengthening US–EU trade relations and achieving successful trade talks in the current era of protectionism.


14 Feb 2019

CEDA’s 2019 Economic and Political Overview looks back at the economic and political events that shaped 2018, as well as looking ahead to 2019. A new addition for 2019 is an overview of policy and how it relates to economic and political outcomes. Issues are...


12 Feb 2019

The Trump administration has halted bans on toxic chemicals that are known to cause serious health threats. These moves, led by an ex-industry group executive now at the EPA, have allowed the continued use of products found to cause cancer, birth defects, and other ailments....

Briefing paper

17 Jan 2019

This briefing paper argues that the Trump cabinet and senior officials are about to experience something they avoided in their first two years: critical, and often extremely hostile, examination under oath about what they do, why they do it, and who told them to do...


1 Oct 2018

Despite the unease many feel about the United States at the moment, the idea of a U.S-led world order is still attractive to most. When asked which would be better for the world, having China or the U.S as the top global power, people in...

Briefing paper

9 Aug 2018

Partisanship has become the dominant driver of social and political conflict in the United States. This paper argues that Australia should focus on potential partnerships and common areas of concern with US states, rather than simply relying on diplomatic engagement with the White House.


19 Jul 2018

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Senator the Hon Penny Wong, joined the United States Studies Centre for an address looking at the role of the United States in Asia.

Briefing paper

9 Jul 2018

This paper argues that while President Trump’s disregard for human rights has pervaded U.S policy, the administration’s chaos has allowed some human rights and democracy concerns to be driven by lower-level State Department activity, including at the embassy level and through legislated programs, and through...


3 Jul 2018

This report argues that Donald Trump's stoking of the politics of grievance and resentment will continue to corrode domestic support for a more ambitious U.S foreign policy and in future, allies will have to think about the nature of American power differently.


10 May 2018

Interesting though it might be, it is hardly surprising that Iran is moving closer towards Russia and Turkey. It fears the sheer uncertainty of its position, vis-à-vis a very unconventional US President, and the fact that its arch-enemy (Israel) is now encouraged by its renewed...

Discussion paper

29 Mar 2018

There were about 230 million Americans eligible to vote on election day in 2016. 170 million either didn’t vote or didn’t vote for Trump. This means that nearly 75 percent of American voters who could cast a vote for president didn’t vote for the man...


27 Feb 2018

Donald Trump’s ability to reshape the office, probe the boundaries of American political discourse and transform America’s place in the world will be a product not just of his will, but also of the effectiveness of institutional constraints on presidential power.


18 Jan 2018

Published in an environment of significant political uncertainty in both the US and Europe, this report focuses on the long-standing and fundamental drivers behind U.S and European policymaking, and sets out recommendations to address key structural factors that threaten the durability of the transatlantic relationship....


25 Oct 2017

US–Russia relations are more problematic and acrimonious than at any time since the end of the Cold War.

Audio interview

20 Jun 2017

Washington Post columnist, Dana Milbank, speaks to RN Breakfast about the battle between the Donald Trump and the press, 'fake' news and the media war for the hearts and minds of Americans.


1 May 2017

Executive summary

What is the problem?

Donald Trump’s election as US president is accelerating a profound global transformation that has huge consequences for Australia. Unlike his predecessors, Trump is less willing to defend the liberal international order that has been of...


27 Apr 2017


Once again, Trump has broken the mould. The 100-day mark is traditionally used to assess a new administration’s progress in advancing its policy agenda. With Trump, that’s impossible. In foreign policy at least, it’s more appropriate to ask whether at the 100-day...


13 Mar 2017

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel of 1886, tells the story of the seemingly virtuous Dr. Henry Jekyll who drinks a serum that transforms him into Mr. Edward Hyde so he is free to indulge his...

Other text

2 Mar 2017

The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) and the American Society of News Editors (ASNE), along with more than eighty other organizations committed to the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and the press, are condemning efforts by the Trump administration to demonize the media...



22 Nov 2016

Drawing on his experience as the former editor in chief of South Africa’s Mail & Guardian and Chief Content Officer at India’s Hindustan Times , and now head of media at Human Rights Watch in New York, ​Nic Dawes writes an eloquent open letter to...



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