Drugs and alcohol


6 Dec 2018

This research report was funded by the W.A Mental Health Commission and is one of the most comprehensive FIFO research studies undertaken in Australia. It suggests that the greater mental health risk of FIFO workers stems from their demographic profile, being mostly young-to-middle aged men...


1 Nov 2018

This infographic highlights key insights from four reports produced by Massey University and University of Auckland on the role of alcohol in older people’s lives and patterns of alcohol use in New Zealand.


25 Oct 2018

This report by Massey University and the University of Auckland looked at the initiation of alcohol use, the patterns of alcohol use across the lifespan, and transitions from hazardous to non-hazardous drinking.

The research found two cohorts of women and three cohorts of men...


12 Sep 2018

In a national survey of older adults, we compared the classification of hazardous versus non-hazardous drinkers based on the AUDIT-C and the Comorbidity Alcohol Risk Evaluation Tool (CARET).

The CARET is an older adult-specific alcohol screen that assesses alcohol-related risks both based on consumption...


22 Aug 2018

This report details the processes and outcomes of working with six Aboriginal residential rehabilitation services in NSW to develop a standardised assessment tool, define their core treatment and organisational components, and develop an evaluation framework that could be used to evaluate individual treatment components.


8 May 2018

This report discusses key findings from the 2018 Global Drugs Survey.


19 Apr 2018

Increasing the price of cheap alcohol, such as through excise taxes or minimum pricing schemes, is an important tool in a package of measures that governments can use to reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm. This report investigates trends over time in alcohol prices and...


29 Mar 2018

This report quantifies the health impacts that alcohol and illicit drug use places on Australia, including at-risk factors for other diseases and injuries. It estimates that alcohol and illicit drugs were collectively responsible for 6.7% of Australia’s disease burden in 2011.


6 Dec 2017

Very little is known about the role of alcohol in older people’s lives over the lifespan, patterns of alcohol use over older adulthood, and how the drinking patterns of older New Zealanders compare with patterns in older adults in other countries. Using data from the...

Blog post

12 Jul 2017

This article explores different perspectives on the relationship between alcohol, drugs and domestic/family violence.


5 Dec 2016

How best to respond to and manage intoxicated offenders is a concern shared by policing agencies across Australia. Intoxicated offenders present additional behavioural and health risks during their interaction with police. These risks may result in harm to the officers, the offender or the community....

Briefing paper

28 Nov 2016

The research examined the impact of programs providing social housing with support for people experiencing homelessness under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH).


22 Sep 2016

This report focuses on the mental health of populations in small areas across Australia. It aims to assist Primary Health Networks and others in making informed decisions about resources required in providing effective primary mental health care.


22 Jul 2016

This research found that supporting formerly homeless people and those at risk of homelessness into public housing in Western Australia reduced their use of health services as well as the frequency with which they did so. The reduction in health service use, which was particularly...


14 Jun 2016

This taster report shares key findings from the Global Drug Survey 2016 (data collected Nov 15–Jan 16).


14 Apr 2014

The 2014 Global Drug Survey (GDS2014) conducted during November / December 2013 was the biggest survey of current drug use ever conducted. Published in 8 languages and promoted through media partners in 17 countries, it received almost 80,000 responses. This report presents highlights from the 2014 survey.


12 Dec 2011

In the 24 months to September 2011, crimes such as assault and motor theft were tending downwards in New South Wales.

The offences trending downwards were:

Assault – non-domestic violence related (down 5.8%) Robbery without a weapon (down 17.9%) Break and enter dwelling...


9 Jun 2011

The latest crime figures continue the pattern of stable or falling crime in NSW established over the last decade.

In the 24 months to March 2011, 11 of the 17 major offences were stable and five were trending downwards. One offence, assault – domestic...



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