East Timor

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16 Sep 2015

In the course of the Timor Sea maritime boundary quarrel, the recent declarations made by the main Australian opposition party in support of East Timorese territorial claims have the serious potential of irreversibly upsetting the territorial status quo, with adverse consequences for both East Timor...

Journal article

30 Jul 2015

Abstract: A little more than a decade after independence, the small island state of East Timor is exhibiting the hallmarks of a neo-patrimonialist state. Since 2008, utilizing its considerable oil reserves, the government has embarked on a major infrastructure development program. However, despite a...


18 Mar 2003

This brief provides an overview of the current predicament in which approximately 1650 East Timorese who sought protection from Australia in early 1990s now find themselves. The paper examines the reasons for the lengthy delay in processing their claims for asylum, overviews the pertinent legal...



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