economic growth


7 Feb 2019

This paper argues that to increase potential growth, Russia needs comprehensive economic and institutional reforms that, in turn, will be conditioned by political reforms and by improved economic and political relationships with the United States, the European Union and Russia’s neighbours.


22nd CEO survey: key findings for New Zealand
21 Jan 2019

This report highlights a trend of pessimism regarding economic growth, as New Zealand CEOs feel increasingly uncertain about the economic future. The survey also gauged CEO's attitudes towards AI as well as data and analytics.

Policy report

Future productivity
18 Dec 2018

Future Productivity is the third edition of Industry Insights. Future Productivity looks at Australia’s productivity performance and how digital technologies and management capability may affect productivity in the years ahead.


A project for the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors
14 Sep 2018

The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) has developed a globally unique statistical tool which captures the scale, diversity and direction of the development of local, state and federal Night Time Economy (NTE) activity in Australia. Consistency of local comparative performance measurement has been...

Journal article

24 Apr 2018

Abstract Bhutan is a tiny kingdom nested in the fragile ecosystem of the eastern Himalayan range, with urbanisation striding at a rapid rate. To the global community, Bhutan is known for its Gross National Happiness (GNH), which in many ways is an expression of...

Working paper

2 Feb 2018

Action by national governments is crucial for achieving sustainable, economically productive urban development. A range of benefits can be achieved through development focused on compact, accessible urban forms; clean and efficient urban transportation options; efficient building energy use and local clean energy solutions; and efficient...


1 Feb 2018

This submission is made to provide evidence to the inquiry into the social impact of participation in culture and sport, which seeks to investigate ways in which taking part in the arts, cultural activities and sport can have a positive impact on health, community and...


22 Jan 2018

Nine in ten of all Australian businesses are small businesses, accounting for 33% of Australia’s GDP and employing over 40% of Australia’s workforce. What may surprise some, is that one third of Australian small businesses are owned by migrants.


21 Sep 2017

This report highlights the varying roles and levels of engagement that councils play in regards to leadership, organisation and delivery of local and regional economic development in Australia.


27 Jun 2017

Adelaide: A City of Music’ celebrates our identity as a global music city and is intended to cement Adelaide’s place as a world leading music city as recognised by its designation as a City of Music by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This three-year Action...


1 Apr 2017

The Green Paper’s focus on the creative industries is welcome. The creative industries have the potential to deliver economic growth and desirable employment opportunity across the UK. To activate this potential, sector-wide initiatives are needed that link local and regional expertise, knowledge and talent to...



18 Nov 2016

If you’re in a gloomy mood, the Bureau of Statistics won’t be helping to pull you out of it. First it told us that wages across Australia grew at their lowest level on record, just 1.9 per cent, in the year to September. Now it...

Discussion paper

17 Nov 2016

There are many conversations about cities being undertaken at present, reflecting the recognition that cities are important for our social, environmental and economic future. However, the topics largely remain fragmented, often failing to address inter-related issues. This Issues Paper argues that the achievement of a...


7 Sep 2016

Australia’s services sector may be the largest beneficiary of China’s rebalancing in the future, according to a new research report prepared by Australian Centre for Financial Studies for the Australia China Business Council and ShineWing Australia.

China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner, and...


29 Jun 2016

This paper analyses Russia’s geopolitical ambitions, its military modernisation, the threat it poses to the international order, and how the West should respond.


Almost a quarter of a century after the demise of the USSR, Russia is back on the world...

Journal article

9 Jun 2016

The study examines whether the diminishing supply of affordable housing options for lower income central city workers is having an impact on central city businesses and on the overall productivity of those economies.


1 May 2016

A strong and sustainable schooling system that ensures all children receive an excellent education matters for Australia’s future.

Strong education outcomes result in better work and life opportunities for us all as individuals and benefit Australia more broadly through improvements to national productivity, workforce...

Working paper

18 Feb 2016

Despite the essential contribution of foreign investment to Australia’s economic growth and prosperity, the benefits of foreign investment are not well understood. This paper aims to provide further insights into foreign investment in Australia by examining the trends, the sources and the positive effects of...


14 Feb 2016

This report highlights that Sydney and Melbourne are driving the national economy.

Summary Australian cities are orphans. Responsibilities for their economic management falls between all tiers of government. Official statistics do not publish economic data at city level, and when published, are given...


1 Jan 2016

Pacific island governments embraced the concept of reciprocal free trade agreements in the late 1990s in response to shifts in their historical relationships with their major donors and the ascendancy of neoliberal globalisation as the dominant model of development. Since then, they have placed a...



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