Elder abuse


12 Mar 2019

This report shows that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 and over have complex and varied needs. It brings together data from more than twenty sources to identify potential measures or factors which may be associated with vulnerability to abuse.


17 Dec 2018

This report recommends a major overhaul of Tasmania’s guardianship laws, which are outdated and need to be reformed to advance the rights of people with disability. It is the first comprehensive review of the Act since it came into force 20 years ago.


29 May 2018

This widely endorsed report sets out an agenda that the community sector has articulated as a set of priorities that need to be embraced by policy-makers and governments to effectively reduce the risk of elder abuse in Australian society whilst also supporting those affected.

Journal article

1 Apr 2018

This article summarises several brief screening tools for various forms of elder abuse.


28 Feb 2018

This report has made findings against five individuals and the northern Adelaide Local Health Network. It also makes thirteen recommendations that should be considered by all public officers in positions of authority.


15 Feb 2018

This plan, developed by the National Ageing Research Institute, with support from Seniors Rights Victoria, the Office of Public Advocate and community service providers, identifies gaps and sets out ten priorities to address elder abuse.


13 Feb 2018

This interim report is focused on the abject failures of the systems designed to provide oversight of care standards at Oakden. The committee's broader concerns regarding aged care quality frameworks, which the committee considers require review and consideration, are also outlined in this interim report....


17 Nov 2017

Evaluation of OPAN’s existing advocacy, education and information regarding elder abuse, informing planning for its future work on this issue, and whether or not a national approach is required, is occurring at a critical time.


10 Aug 2017

The aim of this scoping study is to consider how elder abuse is conceptualised across different dimensions and settings, what mechanisms and interventions have been used to ameliorate abuse, and how effective these interventions have been.


15 Jun 2017

The unregulated use of restrictive practices in aged care settings is unlawful and amounts to elder abuse. This paper explores the laws, policies and practices in relation to the use of restrictive practices in residential aged care.


ALRC Report 131
14 Jun 2017

The ALRC was asked to consider Commonwealth laws and legal frameworks and how they might better protect older persons from misuse or abuse, and safeguard their autonomy. This report includes 43 recommendations for law reform.

Journal article

15 Apr 2017

This paper presents a critical review of articles drawn from literature pertaining to elder abuse, to identify current directions leading the development of empirical research in this field.


15 Feb 2017

Understanding and awareness of elder abuse as a significant problem is well understood but not comprehensively documented by key government and non-government agencies within South Australia

Discussion paper

12 Dec 2016

This is the second consultation document for the Elder Abuse Inquiry, in which the ALRC has been asked to consider existing Commonwealth laws and frameworks which seek to safeguard and protect older persons from misuse or abuse by formal and informal carers, supporters, representatives and...


21 Oct 2016

A parliamentary inquiry into elder abuse is being established in South Australia, something the Council on the Ageing says is long overdue. A specialist lawyer in elder law says while the inquiry may address community attitudes and policy, the criminal justice system also needs to...

Discussion paper

15 Jun 2016

On 23 February 2016, the Attorney-General of Australia, Senator the Hon. George Brandis QC, asked the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) to consider existing Commonwealth laws and frameworks that seek to safeguard and protect older persons from misuse or abuse by formal and informal carers,...


15 Jun 2016

Elder abuse is a growing problem. The population is ageing in Australia so much so that it’s predicted that by 2040 those aged 65 years and over will be 21% of the population and those over 85 will be up to 5% of the population...


3 Feb 2016

Although population ageing is overwhelmingly a good thing, representing a healthier population overall and a longer more productive lifespan for most, it also means an increase in elder abuse. There is little public awareness of the extent and nature of elder abuse. Consequently, it is...


19 May 2015

This Action Plan is a key outcome of Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians 2014-2021.

To quote the South Australian Charter of the Rights and Freedoms of Older People ‘Older people have the right to be treated with dignity and humanity...

Journal article

30 Mar 2015

Australia’s ageing population is growing and so too is the number of older persons who experience abuse. Divorce, ill-health, disability, the death of a partner, dependency, poverty, social isolation, gender, and even the accumulation of assets, can heighten a person’s vulnerability to abuse — physical,...



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