Environmental impacts


12 Mar 2019

This guide is designed to help integrate biodiversity considerations into new sports venues, minimising their impacts on nature and delivering conservation benefits. It is published by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, at the United Nations Environment Assembly, in partnership with the International...

Policy report

Onshore oil and gas policy background paper
4 Dec 2018

This review found growing evidence of direct health impacts, as well as a clear potential for indirect impacts of gas and oil mining on essential environmental determinants of health, including a stable climate, air quality, water quality, water security, food security, community cohesion and, in...

Journal article

25 Oct 2018

Planetary Boundaries are a proposed tool for implementing global environmental limits that help mitigate the changing state of the planet. This report considers the Planetary Accounting Framework and how it can be used to manage the global environment within this system.

Draft report

23 Aug 2018

The consultation period for public debate and input on these policies is an opportunity for discussion and improvement, in an attempt to ensure that the new, state planning policies will provide a clear vision for planning and development across South Australia.


6 Feb 2018

Public should be given a greater say on development plans, experts say.

Journal article

14 Sep 2017

Political jurisdictions in the United States have begun to develop plans that address green buildings, a topic on which the Netherlands has extensive experience. This article analyzes the literature on Dutch green buildings to look for lessons that might be relevant for the development of...

Journal article

5 Jan 2017

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is an established methodology that can provide decision-makers with comprehensive data on the environmental impacts of products and processes during the entire life cycle. However, the literature on building LCAs consists of highly varying results between the studies, even when the assessed...


29 Nov 2016

This supplement by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) to the interim report provides an update on current Reef-wide surveys being conducted by GBRMPA and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. This second round of in-water reef health and impact surveys commenced in...


30 Sep 2016

This report includes the preliminary results of in-water reef health and impact surveys conducted by GBRMPA and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. The surveys provided a rapid assessment of the spatial extent and severity of the 2016 mass coral bleaching event in the Great...

Journal article

31 Aug 2016

This paper quantifies the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions co-benefits associated with water, waste and transportation usage in certified green commercial office buildings in California. The study compares the measured values of water, waste and transportation usage self-reported by office buildings certified under the Leadership in...

Journal article

22 Apr 2015


Over the past two decades there have been major increases in dairy production in New Zealand. This increase in intensity has required increased use of external inputs, in particular fertilizer, feed, and water. Intensified dairy farming thus incurs considerable environmental externalities: impacts...



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