Ethical investment


9 Aug 2018

This report details industry data on the size, growth and performance of the Australian responsible investment (RI) market over twelve months to 31 December 2017 and compares these results with the broader Australian financial market.


19 Feb 2018

This resource provides data-based insights about the grantees and their capacity building advisors and assesses the impact of the Growth Grant on the capital raises and broader capacity development. A series of stories from grant recipients, providers and investors puts the spotlight on their experiences...


28 Jun 2017

This report introduces Social Return on Investment and highlights the importance of measuring social impact.


25 Jun 2017

This New Zealand radio documentary explores the issues involved with government collection of social service data.


24 Jun 2017

Professor Rhema Vaithianathan is co-director of the Centre for Social Data Analytics at AUT. She is widely published in the research areas of health and development economics and applied microeconomics, has been a policy analyst for the New Zealand Treasury, and was a Harkness Fellow...

Policy report

19 Jun 2017

This paper considers opportunities and issues associated with using individual-level data and citizen-based analytics.


17 Mar 2017

An increase in Australian investors wanting their retirement funds to go into the stocks of ethical companies means change is afoot within the nation's finance industry.

The latest move has come from AMP Capital, which has announced it's banning investment in companies that manufacture...


28 Feb 2017

The Social Investment Unit provided the incoming Minister Responsible for Social Investment, Hon Amy Adams, with this Briefing to the Incoming Minister (BIM) in December 2016.

The BIM:

Outlines our work plan for the year Discusses why social investment matters Looks at what...


31 Jan 2017

The Policy Project collaborated with the Government Economics Network (GEN) committee to facilitate workshops following the 2016 GEN conference on ‘People and Policy – how to make better and smarter policies through behavioural insights, design thinking and better use of data’.

This document records:...

Working paper

20 Dec 2016

This working paper aims to answer three questions: what is the social investment approach (and what is it not), how should it be applied and where would it be most productively applied?

The current New Zealand Government is following a “social investment” approach to...


17 Oct 2016

This report presents the findings from analysis of market-based impact investmentactivity and performance data for a data-set of Australian impact investments activeas at 30 June 2015.


12 Sep 2016

This was an online survey. The survey was in the field from Monday 15th August to Friday 19th August 2016. The survey fieldwork was conducted by the Online Research Unit (ORU). Data tables were prepared by Essential Research. The target population for this research was...


15 Jul 2016

This collection of essays had its origins in a one-day workshop held in August 2015 at The Australian National University. Jointly convened by Dr John Butcher (ANZSOG) and Professor David Gilchrist (Curtin Not-for-profit Initiative) the purpose of the workshop was to bring together academic researchers,...


7 Mar 2016

This paper explores the New Zealand Government’s thinking around its Social Investment approach form the perspective of an experienced political journalist and commentator. It updates the author’s June 2015 Institute for Governance and Policy Studies working paper [James 2015] in the light of subsequent policy...


5 Dec 2011


Social innovation is an overarching term for a variety of practices that aim to address social problems, and provides a new lens to understand the role of the social in innovation. Social innovation takes the form of products, processes, services and models...



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