Financial instruments

Draft report

13 Oct 2017

Retrofitting has been proposed as a method to significantly reduce energy consumption and emission derived from the housing sector. Having said this it remains clear that severe restraints remain; and the concept of a “one solution fits all” is at the very least unrealistic....


2 Feb 2017

This working paper sets out the case for a world-pioneering Permanent Forest Bond which belongs to the wider classes of green and climate-aligned bonds. The innovation is not only to fill a funding gap for budget-constrained government entities, it is to shift the environmental spending...

Discussion paper

15 Dec 2013

This Noetic Note presents what Noetic has observed and learned in the process of developing and implementing investment management.


15 Jun 2011

REIA is firmly of the view that the size of deposit covered by the Financial Claims Schemeshould not be reduced from its current level of up to $1 million per depositor per authoriseddeposit-taking institution.



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