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Policy report

9 Jan 2019

This paper argues that the Canadian government can choose between two main options: it can follow its current path and only adjust foreign policy as necessary, while waiting out the Trump administration and hoping for more favourable successors, or it can try to set Canada...


13 Nov 2018

Lowy Institute Executive Director, Dr Michael Fullilove, reflects on the Trump Administration, the effect of the midterms on US foreign policy and what this means for Australia and the world order.

Policy report

22 Oct 2018

The release of Australia's Foreign Policy White Paper late last year had been much anticipated, not least because it was the first such paper in over a decade. Notable was that the Pacific island region (including Timor-Leste) had been accorded a chapter of its own....

Policy report

17 Sep 2018

This policy report argues that the Kremlin is committed to asserting Russia as a global power, although it will be tactically flexible in pursuing this ambition.


24 May 2018

Narendra Modi’s global recognition is badged by unmissable slogans including Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities and Skill India. Such themes resonate in his speeches, as do India’s important foreign policy commitment to a rules-based order in concert with international partners, clarifying shared values,...


13 Mar 2018

On Indo-Pacific matters, the Labour Party-led government, headed by Jacinda Ardern, will no doubt take a lead from Australia’s maritime strategic vision. Its primary focus however, will continue to be on the Asia-Pacific component of the region, particularly the South Pacific.


7 Mar 2018

The recent foreign policy reset in New Zealand is underpinned by mutual respect and a set of five Cabinet-approved guiding principles: understanding, friendship, mutual benefit, collective ambition, and sustainability. It is a message that will be well received in both the Pacific and New Zealand....


1 Mar 2018

In a speech to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs delivered in Wellington this week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has given us the clearest sense yet of the direction New Zealand’s coalition government will take on foreign policy.

Policy report

22 Feb 2018

This paper addresses a key question: could non-alignment and the five principles of Panchsheel as the basis of Nehruvian foreign policy can be described as contiguous with, continuing and joining across time, with the foreign policy platform espoused by current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Policy report

21 Feb 2018

Recurring confrontations with the West are one of the main factors compelling Russia to intensify its activities in the Middle East. Tactical and more targeted contacts with the region have also been determined by President Vladimir Putin’s diplomatic strategy, his perception of the Arab Spring...



16 Aug 2016

The ‘Nauru files,’ which detail reports of abuse in Australia’s asylum-seeker detention centre on Nauru, have received global attention since their release. They should provide a flashpoint for the Turnbull government to reassess the longstanding policy of offshore detention of asylum seekers before more serious...


22 Jun 2016

Forging an effective U.S strategy in Southeast Asia starts with understanding the region from the inside out. Only with deep knowledge of the goals, perceptions, hopes, and intentions of Southeast Asian countries themselves can Washington craft policies that further U.S national interests, help stabilise the...

Discussion paper

3 Jun 2016

Supported by one of the most professional and dedicated foreign policy bureaucracies in the world, one can rely on any Australian government that wins office to perform their duty to represent our country in a diligent and tireless manner. The difference lies in whether a...

Discussion paper

3 Jun 2016

Mainstream thinking accepts that the main tenets of Australian foreign policy are the US alliance, engagement with the Indo-Pacific and our global interests. We differ over emphasis and approach, but we are fortunate to have broad agreement on the component parts. This is one reason...

Discussion paper

3 Jun 2016

Election campaigns are mostly argued on the basis of local issues that have direct impacts on our community; so much so that the phrase “all politics is local” is considered self-evident. However, some things are missed in our three-year electoral cycle. The biggest gap in...

Discussion paper

26 Nov 2015

China’s growing assertiveness, particularly in the South China Sea, has resulted in greater scrutiny of Chinese intentions and led to a more intense debate about how the United States and its allies should respond. For some, the motives for China’s international behaviour are simply those...

Discussion paper

29 Sep 2015

As an emerging maritime power, Indonesia will encounter a variety of considerations in deciding how it will project its power in the region. In the lead up to his election, Indonesian President Joko Widodo promised to strengthen Indonesia’s maritime security, develop regional diplomatic ties and...



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