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24 Oct 2019

The articles in this volume offer Rod Lyon’s distilled wisdom on critical nuclear issues, which are increasingly occupying the minds of Australia’s best policy and intelligence thinkers.


22 Oct 2019

This paper argues that there can be little doubt that India has changed its stance regarding retaliatory measures against countries that, in its perception, work against it. Whereas, previously, New Delhi was content to take diplomatic measures against such countries, today it goes further, taking...


3 Oct 2019

This paper assesses the changing dynamics in the US-Iran relationship, the crisis in the Persian Gulf, the importance of Iran to India and how the US-Iran situation is affecting Indian interests.


2 Oct 2019

In this article, former Canadian ambassador to China, David Mulroney, argues that Canada is facing a growing threat with regards to foreign influence and interference. In particular, he warns that China is expanding its capacity to meddle in Canadian affairs. He goes on to suggest...


1 Oct 2019

This paper argues that contrary to the belief that President Trump and some of his advisers hold, a war with Iran will not be quick and surgical, or end in a matter of days. Nor will Iran absorb any attack without conducting devastating counterstrikes against...


26 Sep 2019

China and Russia have been brought together by their fear of a common adversary rather than for more positive reasons. They share far more suspicions about each other than they do reasons to combine forces.


24 Sep 2019

This paper argues that food and water security is weak in the Solomon Islands, but due to the history of state breakdown and ethnic violence, most international development assistance seeks to address a wider range of issues.


1 Sep 2019

The world is confronted with multiple issues of security challenges. This book is an attempt to address some of these challenges by exploring how the use of multiple lenses could help enrich our understanding of the interconnected layers of security thinking and practices. Although the...


Our future with Asia
30 Aug 2019

This strategy document provides a framework for Western Australia’s long term engagement with key Asian markets and responds to the need for Western Australia to diversify its economy and create more skilled jobs.


29 Aug 2019

This report explores how digital foreign interference (DFI) uses the Internet to create and proliferate disinformation and misinformation. It suggests that responding effectively to DFI will require a multifaceted and flexible approach, with Internet companies and social media firms set to be held accountable for...


27 Aug 2019

The South Asian subcontinent has been brought to the brink of a serious crisis. Before long, the two adversarial neighbours may again be close to climbing up the ladder of nuclear escalation. The question will be, can they climb down or are they getting themselves...

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22 Aug 2019

Just because other donors have struggled to lend successfully in the Pacific does not mean Australia is destined to fail. But the track record of loans in the region provides cause for caution.


20 Aug 2019

With careful thought and skilful diplomacy, Australia can navigate its way through the US–China confrontation, writes Paul Barratt.


20 Aug 2019

Prime Minister Modi’s recent decision to scrap Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution has stirred controversy across the political spectrum. This article makes the case that Pakistan, which has underplayed the changes effected by India, will, over time, reactivate the proxy war and...


19 Aug 2019

This report argues that America no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain. It suggests that a strategy of collective defence is fast becoming necessary as a way of offsetting shortfalls in...


16 Aug 2019

Australia ensured the official communique watered down commitments to respond to climate change, gaining a hollow victory.


14 Aug 2019

The United Front has become much more prominent since Xi Jinping became Communist Party general secretary in 2012. Xi has been instrumental in raising its status in the Chinese political system and publicly supporting a dramatic expansion of its roles and target groups.


12 Aug 2019

Has Trumpism taken hold among US-aligned countries in East Asia?


Global lessons for protecting Canadian democracy against foreign interference
31 Jul 2019

This report draws upon the experiences of other Western states that have faced active threats from Russian disinformation and the disruption of their democratic processes. Using the insights from these case studies, the report outlines tools that Canada can use to protect its elections and...


29 Jul 2019

This paper examines the political and government systems in East Asia in the wider context of the growth of populism worldwide. It argues that the countries of the region should seek multilateral solutions to global and regional problems.



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