Fossil fuel industry


17 Oct 2019

The emissions produced from the fossil fuels extracted by Australia’s major gas, coal and oil producing companies, or ‘carbon majors’, are now larger than all of Australia’s domestic emissions. The discussion presented in this report outlines a way of thinking about the moral responsibility of...


Drivers, actions, and path forward
1 Oct 2019

This report explores how oil and gas companies are taking action to address climate change, how these actions fit with the overall needs of the energy transition, and whether there is more companies can do to contribute to the solution set of this problem.


26 Aug 2019

This research argues that opening up the Great Australian Bight to exploratory drilling for oil and gas is unlikely to have much of an effect on jobs, and could even threaten employment in other industries.


Quantifying CO2 from Australia’s fossil fuel mining and exports
19 Aug 2019

The climate impact of Australia’s fossil fuel exports ranks behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia, in terms of global emissions, according to this report. Australian governments actively promote even greater coal and gas exports and our politicians work hard to avoid confronting the climate impacts...


14 Aug 2019

The geopolitics of oil have played a central role in international relations. Some would argue that geopolitical rivalry over access to oil has been the source of much of the conflict in the 20th century. The rise of renewables in the current energy transition could...


25 Jun 2019

This report aims to track each G20 country’s progress in phasing out subsidies to the production and consumption of coal through fiscal support, public finance and state-owned enterprise (SOE) investment.

Briefing paper

23 Apr 2019

This briefing note highlights recent technological advances that have made renewables one of the country’s fastest growing industries, and Australia a world leader in battery storage.


A study of proposed deep-sea exploration drilling in Commonwealth Regulated Waters of the Great Australian Bight
18 Apr 2019

This independent report, prepared by Dr Tina Soliman Hunter for Greenpeace Australia Pacific, concludes that Equinor’s current proposal is too risky to proceed given the remote location, the harsh physical environment and the lack of surrounding support infrastructure to deal with an incident.

Working paper

21 Feb 2019

This White Paper, produced as part of the World Economic Forum System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Long-Term Investing, Infrastructure and Development , envisions how policy-makers, particularly those from fossil-fuel-rich economies, can apply private-sector investment techniques to transform their economies in preparation for a...


14 Feb 2019

This report highlights the persistent practice of oil and gas executives being incentivised to chase growth for the sake of growth, and details why this isn’t in shareholders’ best interests. Despite the focus on “value over volume” of the last few years, the vast majority...


22 Jan 2019

New energy technologies are cheaper than fossil fuels for electricity and will soon be cheaper for transport. Engineers have increased the feasibility ceiling of renewables to far above the current penetration levels in most countries. Meanwhile, there is rising global concern about local pollution and...


17 Dec 2018

This report provides a snapshot of the ties between the fossil fuel industry and Australian universities. These ties could create a serious conflict of interest or bias when it comes to decisions around fossil fuel divestment, potentially jeopardising universities’ own endowment investments by failing to...


30 Nov 2018

The Climate Council will publish a report on bushfire risk in Queensland in early 2019. This builds on a significant body of published work by the Council, including a 2016 report entitled Be Prepared: Climate Change and the Queensland Bushfire Threat . With devastating and...


5 Mar 2018

More than 180 individuals have moved between senior public service roles and the fossil fuel industry in Australia over the past decade - providing a golden escalator for former senior politicians.


16 Feb 2018

This reports aims to assist the Sino-Australian bilateral relationship adapt to meet China’s new carbon emissions policies and to facilitate a smoother transition to a low carbon future.

Journal article

27 Jul 2017

This paper suggests that renewable cities are increasing in prominence as economic dependence on fossil fuels reduces.

Journal article

6 Jun 2017

Trends show that the end of fossil fuel dependence is underway, and different forms of power, transport and urban development are resulting.

Blog post

17 Jun 2016

Ever heard the one about the political process that was corrupted by donations from corporations? Oh, sorry. Of course you have. Fair enough too, as it’s a simple premise. We all donate to things that we have a personal stake or interest in. People donate...


8 Jun 2016

The Pacific is home to some of the countries most at risk from the effects of climate change. It is now also home to countries that are leading the world in reducing their fossil fuel consumption and shifting to renewable sources of electricity generation.


8 Jul 2015

This report presents seven “deception dossiers”—collections containing some 85 internal company and trade association documents that have either been leaked to the public, come to light through lawsuits, or been disclosed through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. While many of these documents have been...



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