Free speech


3 Aug 2016

Anti-discrimination law has existed in Australia for only fifty years, and yet in that comparatively short period it has become entrenched and almost unquestionable. An examination of its record, however, shows that it has not been an effective tool to achieve the goals for which...

Discussion paper

11 Jul 2016

We are faced with a new kind of fundamentalism – call it ‘minority fundamentalism.’ It has all the features of religious fundamentalism, such as ideological fanaticism, intolerance of dissent, and a Manichaean certainty about truth and falsehood. The goal of the minority fundamentalists is to...


14 Aug 2015


The rapid advancement of technology has resulted in increasing privacy implications for library and information services, their users, and society. Commercial Internet services, including those used to deliver library and information services, collect extensive data on users and their behaviour. They may...


1 Apr 2008

For the second year in a row, Google shareholders will be asked to hold the Web search giant accountable for protecting free speech, regardless of international borders.

One of the proposals to be submitted at the annual shareholder meeting scheduled for 8 May,...


24 Nov 2006

In its thirtieth annual report the Council's chair, Ken McKinnon, suggests that the position of free speech in Australia has badly deteriorated over the past few years, but that the decline has been piecemeal so that there has yet to be the recognition of how...



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