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25 Feb 2019

Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels and industry increased by 2.2% per year on average between 2005 and 2015. Global emissions need to peak and decline rapidly to limit climate change to well below 2 °C of warming, which is one of...

Discussion paper

23 May 2012

Macro outcomes

A simple projection of current trends is that in ten years Australia’s population will reach 26.3 million, GDP in nominal dollars will be just short of $2.5 trillion (and in today’s dollars a round $1.8 trillion), and GDP per head in...


4 Jun 2010

This address discusses the problems with macroeconomic forecasts, using the recent global financial crises as an example. I have a long-standing interest in this topic, having been involved in macroeconomic forecasting for quite some time. But the topic is of particular interest at the moment,...


7 Sep 2007

Under the Competition Principles Agreement (CPA), the Australian Government is required to publish an annual report outlining its progress towards: achieving the review and, where appropriate, reform of all existing legislation that restricts competition (as outlined in the Commonwealth Legislation Review Schedule); and implementing competitive...


28 Mar 2006

In this consultancy report for the PC, Erwin Diewert and Denis Lawrence of Meyrick and Associates identify and implement improvements in practical welfare measurement beyond the conventional average income or GDP per capita measure, and gauge the welfare contributions of productivity and the terms of...



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