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7 Jan 2019

This open access article analyses who accesses and downloads material from the 'pirate' website Sci Hub website, rather than via paid subscription models and journal paywalls.


Capacity Report 2018
22 Aug 2018

This report began as a vehicle through which to showcase the capabilities of the ten organisations that founded the Global Health Alliance Melbourne. We were subsequently invited by the Department of Health and Human Services to expand the report and provide an inventory of the...

Fact sheet

From consensus to action
1 Jun 2016

Short report on Consensus Conference on Technology Enabled Healthcare organized by The George Institute India on 8 December 106 in New Dehli.

This report presents the key highlights of the Conference and recommendations for the future.

Also includes recommendations from the meeting.


2 Feb 2016

Provides a perspective on the importance of immunisation as a unique global health concern in that it is not a time-limited issue.

Background When one speaks of global health, there are few issues that actually have a health impact globally rather than in...

Blog post

7 Oct 2015

Emergency care has an image problem: in the context of low and middle income countries (LMICs), it is often characterised as being too expensive, too complex and too much of a luxury to gain much traction.


15 Jun 2015

Access to surgical and anaesthetic care is an essential, but often forgotten, component of health care in the developing world.

An estimated five billion of the world’s population are unable to access safe surgery when they need it, and only six per cent of...


17 Feb 2015

Around 372,000 people drown each year, mostly children in low-income countries. So why has there been such a lack of attention paid to the problem? In journalism parlance, any story which includes the phrase ‘kids will die’ is a front-page splash. But when it comes...



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