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17 Jan 2019

Gonski called time on Australia’s “industrial” model of “mass education.” But does the diagnosis — and the prescription — reflect classroom reality?


22 Mar 2018

Catholic schools say they're losing money under Gonski 2.0, but this is only true for schools serving students in affluent areas – those in poorer areas will either be unaffected, or get more.


7 Mar 2018

The former NSW education minister says Australia has a cultural problem when it comes to schooling.


14 Oct 2017

This report argues that schools should invest in evidence-based, cost-effective policies to improve literacy and numeracy results.


25 Sep 2017

This AEU inquiry submission argues that a significant shortfall of federal funding for public schools will magnify the stark disadvantages and under-resourcing that already disproportionately threaten regional, rural and remote public schools around Australia.


14 Feb 2017

The highlight of the TJ Ryan Foundation’s 3rd anniversary event was a keynote address from Dr Ken Boston, former Director-General of Education in South Australia and New South Wales, and member of the Gonski Review panel. Dr Boston spoke on the topic of 'Gonski Report:...


6 Sep 2016

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) and school education bear on the wellbeing and quality of life of young Australians as well as on the capabilities and productivity of Australia’s future labour force. Recognising this, Australian governments have committed to national education goals that emphasise...


29 Apr 2016

This report was commissioned by the Australian Education Union to examine the economic case in favour of the full implementation of the school funding reforms outlined by the Review of School Funding (Gonski Review).

Australia has been recognised as consistently outperforming most OECD countries...

Briefing paper

14 Jan 2016

The $7 billion needed for the Federal Government to fund the last two years of the Gonski plan can be easily financed. The Government has a potential revenue pool of at least $34 billion a year by reducing several tax concessions to high income earners...

Journal article

28 Jun 2015

AER 60 takes the 2011 Gonski Review of Funding for Schooling as a vantage point, from which to consider the national funding of schools in Australia, past and future.


Section 1 outlines the educational values and perspectives that have underpinned school funding...

Technical report

24 Jun 2015

If you're a parent of a public school student who's paying for all the extras like excursions, laptops or more books for the library you might question the idea that public schools are free. But the idea of school fees for public education has proven...


18 Aug 2014

The Centre for Social Impact is proud to present a lecture series on Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact, in parallel with the launch of its new Undergraduate course by the same title. This lecture series is generously hosted by the Australian Graduate School...



22 May 2014

Neither Labor nor the Coalition are rising to the challenge posed by Gonski

David Gonski is a famously cool customer, but surely even his sangfroid was tested as he rose to speak on Wednesday evening at Melbourne University’s Wilson Hall. This was his...

Audio interview

26 Nov 2013

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne's promise to overhaul Gonski has become a lightning rod for conflict between the Abbott Government and the States. But his critics argue that clawing back the Gonski reforms would see the return of the deep inequities of the SES scheme...


5 Mar 2012

THIS was always going to be a big year in education and it doesn’t get much bigger than the release of the report of the Review of Funding for Schooling, known as the Gonski review. We’ve had reviews and reports before but this one has...


20 Feb 2012

Released to the public on 20 February 2012, this report on a review chaired by David Gonski, is the culmination of the first significant schools funding review since the Whitlam Government.

In 2010 the Australian Government commissioned a Review of Funding for Schooling. Chaired...



Australian schools need an injection of at least an extra $5 billion, according to the Gonski report, the most far-reaching review of schools funding since 1973.

The review found the current education system is complex, confusing, failing disadvantaged students and contributing to falling performances...



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