Government subsidies


2 Jul 2018

Children's access to quality childcare is, more than ever, dependent on whether the government views their parents as deserving or not.

Working paper

31 May 2018

By international standards, Australia’s business tax system combines a high company tax rate of 30 per cent with low taxation of domestic investors through dividend imputation. This prioritising of domestic investors over foreign investors is at odds with the evidence in this paper that the...


12 Mar 2018

This report argues that government regulation and subsidies are driving up the prices of key household expenditure items and putting strain on family budgets.


28 Jul 2017

This research study, drawing on the views of more than 1200 grantseekers, reveals a huge amount of effort is being wasted on abandoned grant applications, large organisations are increasingly scooping up the small grants too, and pressure is building on local government to shell out...


12 Jul 2007

Both the number and heterogeneity of those who have unfavourable dental visiting patterns and poor oral health justify claims that this is a substantial health problem argues John Spencer.The latest survey of oral health and dental care has described two worlds in Australian dentistry (Slade...


10 Aug 2006

Based on a number of interviews conducted with small and medium sized businesses located in the Darwin area, the report identified limited evidence of innovation with respect to the creation of new products and services, and only minimal engagement with government from those few businesses...


20 Apr 2006

Anu Rammohan and Stephen Whelan examine the implications of child care costs for maternal employment status by distinguishing between full-time and part-time work. Their results indicate that child care costs have a statistically insignificant effect on the decision to work either full time or part...


21 Apr 2005

Improving energy efficiency can have sound environmental benefits, according to this draft report released by the Productivity Commission. The potential for energy efficiency measures to save money for producers and consumers appears to be more modest.

Released 21 April 2005


30 Sep 2004

Government subsidies have provided a major source of funds to private schools in Australia for three decades. The increasing level of private school subsidies since the mid-1970s has contributed to a steady increase in the proportion of students enrolled in private schools. This growth in...


26 Jan 2004

In this paper Sean McNelis describes an Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute project investigating Independent Living Units - units provided by not-for-profit organisations and which are targeted at older persons with relatively low incomes and low assets. The project is looking at the significance...



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