31 Jul 2015

This report provides an analysis of crime statistics for offences under the South Australian Graffiti Control Act 2001 for the period 2010-11 to 2013-14. These statistics include offences recorded by police, charges on police apprehension reports, and court outcomes and penalties for offences prosecuted under...


Report of the mural, street art and graffiti review project
1 Nov 2014

The aims of the report are to review the City of Sydney’s current policies and practices towards graffiti and street art, and to make recommendations about how these policies and practices could be improved.


24 May 2014

Auckland Council commissioned innovate change to lead a social innovation process to develop a new education programme for graffiti vandalism prevention in 2014. This work supports Auckland Council’s vision of a city free of graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti vandalism refers to writing, drawing, painting, spraying...

Conference paper

27 Nov 2009

Abstract: There is extensive commentary on the role of public, unauthorised art in western cities, but little on the coincidence of heritage value and guerilla art. This paper analyses the relationship of the two in a statue of a 1940s swimmer entitled Eliza which was...



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