Green infrastructure

Conference paper

1 Jan 2015

An urban ecosystem is a dynamic system. Therefore, regular monitoring through the use of measurable indicators will enable an assessment of performance and effectiveness. This paper presents a conceptual framework to facilitate the development of an inclusive model for the sustainability assessment of green infrastructure....


23 Sep 2009

Climate change presents a clear and present danger to ecosystems, communities and economies. As Professor Garnaut so powerfully stated “the failure of our generation (to address climate change) would lead to consequences that would haunt humanity until the end of time". With further climate change...


1 Oct 2008

Urban areas are usually warmer than their rural surroundings, a phenomenon known as the “heat island effect.” As cities develop, more vegetation is lost and more surfaces are paved or covered with build­ings. The change in ground cover results in less shade and moisture to...

Conference paper

22 Nov 2006

Ratings tools have emerged to help classify the 'greenness' of a building. These ratings tools assess the energy use or environmental impact of the building and the rating is then used to communicate the building's predicted environmental performance to target owners and tenants. This paper...

Conference paper

20 Nov 2006

Little research has been done into robustness of ‘green’ commercial building performance and the consequent risk to both environment and investor of a building/occupant mismatch. This project describes a due diligence analysis on a ‘green’-rated office building. The building was assumed to be a system...




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