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20 Feb 2018

Decent housing underpins the Closing the Gap goals, with a decade-long national remote housing program having made measurable progress. If the Commonwealth pulls out now, hard-won gains could be lost.


24 Jan 2018

What lessons can be drawn from institutional change in private rental sectors (PRSs) internationally which could enhance the equity, efficiency and effectiveness of the sector in Australia, particularly to improve outcomes for low-income tenants?


2 Aug 2017

This research developed a housing need simulation to quantify the need for affordable housing and identify the supply required to meet the demand for housing. This information is important for resource allocation, market monitoring, setting affordable housing targets, housing assistance budgeting and evidence for affordable...

Policy report

26 Apr 2017

In this lively and thoughtful inaugural John Curtin Research Centre essay, Zelinsky argues that the present housing market reflects a dangerous public policy failure where a worthwhile national aspiration – the so-called ‘Australian dream’ of owning your own home – has combined with generous tax...


29 Aug 2016

Key Findings

The Initiative Fund Grants funded by Wyatt from 2009 to 2013 had a positive impact on the lives of recipient households, either reducing the risk of homelessness and/or assisting homeless persons into stable and appropriate accommodation. Recipients of Initiative Fund Grant...

Briefing paper

29 Jun 2016

This research explores Australian private rental brokerage programs which provide assistance in securing and sustaining private rental tenancies for disadvantaged tenants. The research identifies a diverse range of activities tailored to individuals and local circumstances, but lacking common terminology, measures and reporting making it difficult...


30 May 2016

Private rental brokerage programs (PRBPs) are a key pillar of support for disadvantaged people accessing and sustaining private rental. This is in addition to more formal private rental assistance programs delivered by state and territory governments; and Commonwealth financial assistance in the form of Commonwealth...


10 Jun 2015

The research sought to measure whether lower income households are able to access housing which is ‘affordable’ based on weekly rent of no more than 30 per cent of gross household income and ‘available’ referring to the extent to which affordable dwellings are in fact...


7 Dec 2014

Examines the supply of, and demand for, private rental dwellings affordable to lower income households in 2011 and compared this with the situation in 2006.


15 Oct 2014

This report presents information on trends and issues in housing policy, housing affordability and housing assistance provided to populations with special needs.


Secure and affordable housing is fundamental to the wellbeing of Australians. It provides a platform for a range of...


20 Aug 2014

This report shows that over 1 million people are living in private rental accommodation in Victoria. These tenants occupy around a quarter of all households across the state.


The TUV has analysed ABS Census data from 2011 and identified the "average‟...


16 Jul 2014

Indigenous households were 6 times as likely as other Australian households to live in social housing, with an estimated 31% of Indigenous households living in such housing in 2013, this report finds.


A large proportion of housing assistance to Indigenous households...


12 Mar 2014

Despite the plethora of rental research, a significant gap remains in understanding the relationship between rental housing and 'transport disadvantage'. This project analyses the changing spatial concentration of lower-income renter households in Melbourne and Sydney and connects this with changes in transport opportunity.


8 Nov 2013

This report looks at trends in housing and housing assistance provided by governments in Australia in 2012-13.


Having a safe place to live is important to all Australians. Stable and secure housing contributes to a range of essential benefits including shelter,...


29 Jul 2013

An increasing proportion of Australians are now renting privately, many for over 10 years or more. Long-term renters experience higher levels of housing stress and are less likely to feel part of the community. Policy-makers need to respond to the needs of long-term renters, especially...

Working paper

10 Apr 2013

This Positioning Paper introduces a research project that aims to provide an Australia-wide analysis of the consequences of underemployment for housing security. It explores the connection between an increasingly important but problematic feature of contemporary labour markets (underemployment) and a crucial dimension of housing research...


21 Mar 2013

This Investigative Panel considered private financing models that can deliver additional supplies of quality, well located rental housing in areas of need that is affordable to low- and moderate-income households. This included provision initiated by both for–profit and not–for–profit providers, as well as cross sector...


5 Dec 2012

This report examines housing assistance in the government, not-for-profit and private sector segments in Australia in 2011-12.

It examines allocation and waiting lists for social housing, overcrowding and housing affordability, and demonstrates that while the number of social housing dwellings has increased...


1 Aug 2012

This project responds to the need for more up to date information about the state of private rental markets and in particular the effects on households of long term private rental.

Journal article

3 Jan 2012

Recently released as open access, this 2012 article examines gentrification processes in the context of a policy-induced housing crisis. It describes the effects of the crisis on Melbourne's inner western suburbs and documents the consequences for low-income residents.



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