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17 Jul 2018

The objective of the audit was to assess the Department of Social Services’ implementation and evaluation of the Cashless Debit Card trial.

Briefing paper

2 Feb 2018

ACOSS has produced this briefing note on the cashless debit card trials, and why they should not be extended.


7 Dec 2017

The Senate majority report on the cashless welfare card is "disappointing" as it does not reflect submissions, says researcher Elise Klein.

Working paper

4 Dec 2017

This paper focuses on the Cashless Debit Card trial in the East Kimberley, Western Australia. The card aims to restrict cash and purchases to curb alcohol consumption, illegal drug use and gambling.

Other text

15 Sep 2017

This issues paper asks whether the the Cashless Debit Card trial is achieving its stated objectives.


1 Sep 2017

This report presents the final findings of the evaluation into the trial of a Cashless Debit Card (CDC) for income support payments (ISPs) in two remote communities.


4 May 2017

The federal government’s Cashless Debit Card Trial , which began in selected communities in South Australia and Western Australia from March 2016, is a significant innovation in tackling the health and socioeconomic disadvantages in communities with high rates of social security dependency for long periods...


24 Apr 2017


The concept of a 'Healthy Welfare Card', now renamed as the Cashless Debit Card (CDC), was a recommendation of the Forrest Review into Employment and Training.

It was seen as a development from income management which has been occurring in parts...


14 Mar 2017

With support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), and developed in close consultation with local community leaders, local and state government agencies and other Australian Government agencies, the Department of Social Services (DSS) is conducting a 12-month trial of a Cashless...


8 Mar 2017

The Australian Government is undertaking a Cashless Debit Card Trial (CDCT) to deliver and manage income support payments (ISPs), with the aim of reducing levels of community harm related to alcohol consumption, drug use and gambling.

In the CDCT, a proportion of an individual’s...

Working paper

7 Nov 2016

‘Income management’ programs, restricting the way in which some recipients of government transfers can spend this money, have operated in Australia since 2007. The nature of the programs implemented varies considerably, including the mix of voluntary and compulsory elements, and differences in the scope and...


6 Jul 2016

The recent coroner’s inquest into the death of Chloe Valentine outlined a number of recommendations for improvement of South Australia’s child protection system to prevent any future deaths resulting from child abuse or neglect. One such recommendation related to income management as a child protection...


12 Oct 2015


In 2013 the then Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, asked Mr Andrew Forrest to lead a review of Indigenous training and employment programs (The Forrest Review). The review made a number of recommendations aimed at ending the disparity in employment...

Working paper

26 Aug 2015

The capability approach has recently been used in Australian Indigenous policy formation. Of particular note is how it has been used in some instances to justify current paternalistic and directive policies for Indigenous Australians. These include behavioural conditionalities on state support and income management—policy apparatuses...



27 May 2015

Place Based Income Management (PBIM) is a trial which was initiated as a part of the Better Futures, Local Solutions place-based initiatives, within the Building Australia’s Future Workforce (BAFW) package. This package is a group of initiatives which aim to assist vulnerable families and children,...


4 Oct 2014

The Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands is an Aboriginal Local Government Area located in north-west South Australia. In 2012, the local Women's Council requested the introduction of income management into the APY Lands. The report found there are indications that income management may have made...


18 May 2010

This consultation paper discusses the interaction between the income tax system and native title and sets out three possible approaches to reform. It discusses how existing deductible gift recipient categories could be better adapted to reflect the needs of Indigenous communities, and looks at whether...



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