Indigenous education


12 Feb 2020

The Commonwealth Government has delivered an annual report on progress on Closing the Gap since the National Indigenous Reform Agreement was established. This report points to the future, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people share ownership to improve life outcomes for current and future...


1 Nov 2019

This paper considers what is required to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are experiencing vulnerability.

Literature review

25 Oct 2019

This report provides a targeted review of a small subset of systematic reviews into ten critical areas of Indigenous education across Australia.


7 Jun 2019

This report provides a series of case studies of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs at Charles Darwin University (CDU) that are recognised for delivering positive outcomes for regional and remote Indigenous students in the Northern Territory (NT).


11 Apr 2019

In 2017 Ithaka S+R launched a project to explore the changing research methods and practices of Indigenous Studies scholars across Canada and the United States. The goal of this report is to serve as a companion piece to the local research undertaken by the cohort...


27 Feb 2019

The purpose of this report is to outline key initiatives by universities to improve Indigenous higher education participation and success and deepen relationships and knowledge in institutions. The report draws on 2017 sector-wide statistics and qualitative information provided by universities in survey responses.


1 Feb 2019

This chapter focuses on performance information for government-funded school education in Australia.

Journal article

23 Jan 2019

This article explores questions regarding the development and support of Indigenous priorities and self-determination in Australian libraries and archives. It calls for greater use of Indigenous research methodologies within library and archival science in order to seek ways to decolonize and simultaneously indiginze libraries and...


21 Jan 2019

This paper argues that Indigenous university participation and attainment has failed to keep pace with non-Indigenous growth. As a result, there is a large and growing gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous university attendance and attainment of qualifications at degree level and above.


18 Jan 2019

This papers uses data from the Census of Population and Housing to examine trends between 2006 and 2016 in two aspects of Indigenous education: school participation and Year 12 attainment.


21 Aug 2018

This project aimed to enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university student engagement and retention. Specifically, this project attended to the notion of the ‘university place’ and provides information and two tools that universities can use to help optimise the persistence and educational outcomes of...

Journal article

15 Aug 2018

This article explores Indigenous language diversity, examining its historical underpinnings and development, its implications for education and engagement in the wider community, and how Aboriginal people are using the new varieties to forge group identities.


11 Jul 2018

The Yarning the Way research project aimed to explore the wisdom of Indigenous Education Paraprofessionals (IEPs) in their ‘connecting’ and ‘translational’ role, particularly as this related to guiding Indigenous students towards post-school education options.


15 Jun 2018

In 2016, the Australian government’s Department of Education and Training funded the Addressing the gap between policy and implementation: strategies for improving educational outcomes of Indigenous students research project . This report presents the methods and findings from the second and third phases of the...

Discussion paper

20 Feb 2018

The evidence presented in this discussion paper suggests that the capacity of our school system to act as catalyst for inclusion, equity and opportunity for Indigenous students is weakening. Rather than being places which bring people and communities together, evidence suggests that schools are yet...


5 Feb 2018

This plan outlines what a Digital Excellence (IDX) future looks like, its key guiding principles, areas of focus, goals to be achieved and priority actions.

Briefing paper

14 Dec 2017

Equity Student Participation in Australian Higher Education examines trends in higher education undergraduate enrolments in Australia between 2011 and 2016. This six-year period has been a time of marked change in Australian higher education, with the demand-driven system (DDS) increasing overall student numbers, while programs...


3 Jul 2017


People from equity groups are underrepresented in university degrees associated with high-status professions. The reasons for this are complex and relate to poverty, familial and community norms and expectations, inequitable access to high quality and adequately resourced schooling which affects achievement, and...


3 Jul 2017


Enhancing Vocational Education and Training (VET) to higher education pathways and transitions for Indigenous students is important. Dual-sector universities are well positioned to take the lead in strengthening pathways and transitions for Indigenous students by harnessing the opportunities and addressing the challenges...



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