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26 Apr 2018

This review contains the Productivity Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry. This year's review also explores how Australia should best respond to the USA using its leverage to protect their domestic industries.


6 Dec 2017

Industry assistance schemes are seen sceptically in New Zealand policy circles but the NZIER modelling shows that the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, as the price of admission to international screen productions, positively influences the wider economy.


1 Aug 2017

This interim report from the Circular Head Regional Economic Development Working Group outlines the actions taken to support diversification, job creation and economic development in the Circular Head region.


29 Jul 2017

This review report contains the Productivity Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry.


24 Oct 2016

Still relatively young, biotech presents a unique opportunity for governments who invest early and aggressively in this industry to transform their economies. As a future-facing industry, biotech will create high paying jobs in the knowledge and advanced manufacturing sectors. For a country like Australia, with...

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10 Oct 2016

The ACTU is calling for all Australian political parties to support a 'Buy Australian' Act, that would require major government projects and services to use locally manufactured goods, such as steel, iron, clothing and equipment.

A similar 'Buy American' provision was used by the...

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17 Aug 2016

Farmers are becoming increasingly frustrated at delays in the rollout of taxpayer funded assistance. It's been several months since the Federal Government announced concessional loans for farmers struggling with retrospective price cuts, but only a small number of applications have been processed.


25 Jul 2016

The Trade and Assistance review 2014-15 contains the commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian Government assistance to industry.

This year's review also explores how the size and nature of the assistance estimates might be influenced by recent developments such as the Agricultural Competitiveness White...

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16 Jun 2016

Labor has pledged $100 million as a lifeline for the Whyalla steelworkers. Professor Jim Minifie, Productivity Growth Program Director at the Melbourne-based Grattan Institute, describes it as poorly thought out corporate welfare that won't benefit workers in the long term, but will reward poor management...



31 Jan 2016

Over the past year, RedFire Consulting Group has evaluated the South Australian early stage innovation ecosystem and government-funded programs.

RedFire has now developed an implementation plan to improve South Australia’s innovation ecosystem. The plan contains recommendations around three separate categories:

Government administration and...


24 Jun 2015

In 2013-14, Australian industry received over $17 billion in gross assistance from the Australian Government through budgetary outlays, tax concessions and tariffs according to the latest annual trade and assistance review by the Productivity Commission.

Notably, budgetary assistance to industry in 2013-14 was about...


2 Apr 2004

The Queensland sugar industry is once again pleading for more government assistance. Alex Robson argues that such assistance does more harm than good and that the best course of action may be to abandon the notion of targeted regional assistance altogether.



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