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20 Jun 2019

The AEMC has published this final report that proposes a package of law and rule changes to update the regulatory frameworks for embedded networks. Once implemented, the proposed framework will result in better protections and access to more competitive retail offers for consumers in embedded...


11 Jun 2019

This report analyses and develops a methodology for measuring a category of red tape that to date has been ignored. This category of red tape is described as ‘regulatory dark matter,’ which refers to publications by government agencies that seek to influence the behaviour of...


6 Jun 2019

This guide provides information on how to establish and maintain a national authority structure for chemicals control.

Discussion paper

17 May 2019

The Productivity Commission has been asked to complete this inquiry by April 2020, and to consult with stakeholders, including transport operators, drivers, industry groups, end users and State, Territory and local governments. This issues paper outlines a range of issues and questions on which the...


13 May 2019

ArtificiaI intelligence (AI) is emerging as a pivotal technology that will transform how economies grow, businesses trade, and people work. Attuned to the significance of AI, governments are rolling out an array of AI frameworks, including agendas and policies aimed at building domestic AI capabilities....


8 Apr 2019

In 2018-2019 Woods and Perrin developed a public policy proposal to improve the safety of some users of internet services in the United Kingdom through a statutory duty of care enforced by a regulator. Their work, under the aegis of Carnegie UK Trust, took the...


1 Apr 2019

This review report examines the extent to which the code remains the best mechanism to promote efficient, effective and transparent administration of copyright licences, and supports overall confidence in Australia’s collective copyright management system.

Discussion paper

30 Mar 2019

This paper explores the issues faced by sex workers, regulators and the wider community and explore possible options for government to consider in reforming the Northern Territory sex industry as best practice for work health and safety, and include an overview of regulation of the...


14 Feb 2019

This joint Australian and New Zealand report looks at the broad challenges and opportunities created by the digital economy and at what institutional and regulatory settings by the Australian and New Zealand Governments would be most effective.


30 Aug 2018

In April 2018, Winston Peters appointed senior Australian racing expert, John Messara, to review the New Zealand racing industry’s governance structures, and provide recommendations on future directions for the industry. This report is the result of that inquiry.


28 Aug 2018

This report provides a cost-benefit analysis of establishing a pharmacy council in Queensland. The report was commissioned following a request from the Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee.

Technical report

26 Jul 2018

The purpose of this report is to explain aspects of the legal framework for the Australian superannuation system, focusing on the rules that govern the use of members’ funds by trustees and other professional financial services providers in the superannuation system. It also deals briefly...

Briefing paper

24 Jul 2018

This paper provides a summary of major financial system reforms over the past twenty-five years, focussing primarily on regulatory reforms affecting superannuation funds.

Discussion paper

21 Jul 2018

This discussion document describes the current requirements, and assesses both a voluntary and mandatory option for how the science definition could be implemented for mānuka honey sold in New Zealand.

Journal article

1 Jun 2018

It is increasingly recognised that the risks associated with climate change must be addressed through both mitigation and adaptation. Buildings are vulnerable to climate change risk and are also the source of a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. The...


26 Apr 2018

Even when ASIC has been sufficiently resourced to pursue litigation, the Australian courts have contributed to an environment where contravening behaviour is a rewarding option.


13 Apr 2018

This study draws on detailed survey-based information from business about the performance of New Zealand’s key regulators. The authors conclude from the responses that the (non-executive) board model of governance needs to be more widely adopted, particularly for corporate cops with an economy-wide beat.


31 Oct 2017

The AEMC has published this interim report for the review into the effectiveness of gas pipeline regulation.


11 Sep 2017

This report, looking into autonomous vehicle technology, has recommended that the federal government should facilitate and encourage trials of automated vehicles in Australia.

Discussion paper


21 Jul 2016
Farm businesses are subject to a vast and complex array of regulations. Regulations are in place at every stage of the supply chain — from land acquisition to marketing — and are applied by all levels of government. The number and complexity of regulations affecting...



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