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19 Dec 2018

This report argues that although Australia’s research system is strong, its performance in innovation and commercialisation is not. Nor has innovation policy been effective in driving sustained improvement.


25 Oct 2017

Effective and inspirational labs exist in many highly developed countries. In Western Europe, MindLab (Denmark) and The Behavioural Insights Team (UK) push their governments to re-imagine public services. In Asia, the Innovation Bureau in Seoul, South Korea, co-designs better services with citizens.

However, this...


29 Sep 2017

This report explores Queenslanders' perceptions and attitudes towards innovation, specifically looking at how the Queensland public define innovation, their overall level of interest in it and the barriers and enablers to achieving an innovative culture.


Version 2 July 2017
31 Jul 2017

The booklet supports the objectives of the National Innovation and Science Agenda's 'Global Innovation Strategy' by encouraging Australian researchers and businesses to collaborate with international counterparts and leverage opportunities and expertise to gain access to global markets.

Journal article

11 Mar 2017

Creating a sustainable bioeconomy—which takes advantage of unused or underexploited bio-resources, turns them into replacements for fossil-based fuel, energy, and products and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of local environments—is a truly monumental task. It depends on companies entering...

Audio interview

22 Feb 2017

Following on from the first Cityscapes conversation earlier in the month, Tim Williams from the Committee for Sydney speaks to Julie Wagner, Non-Resident Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking at the Brookings Institution. Julie...


6 Jan 2017

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) made a dataset openly available (see links) showing all the Australian Salary and Wages (2002, 2006, 2010, 2014) by detailed occupation (around 1,000) and over 100 SA4 regions. Sole Trader sales and earnings are also provided. This open data (csv)...


30 Nov 2016

The report identifies that the strongest performance results are achieved by businesses that innovate repeatedly. They outperform other businesses in terms of sales, value added, employment and profit growth.

Compared with non-innovative businesses, innovative businesses have reported:

3 times more jobs/positions 1.4 times...


18 Nov 2016

The Global Innovation Strategy will improve Australia’s international innovation and science collaboration by aligning existing and new initiatives with the desired outcomes under the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The strategy addresses known vulnerabilities and challenges through international collaboration and startup support and shifts...



22 Jul 2016

Just a day after the federal election, it had already been pointed out that innovation politics had paid out some harsh lessons for the Coalition. The issue was not only the loss of Wyatt Roy, the assistant minister for innovation, but the electorate appearing unreceptive...


20 Jul 2016

The Global Innovation Index ranks the innovation performance of 128 countries and economies around the world, based on 82 indicators. This edition explores the impact of innovation-oriented policies on economic growth and development. High-income and developing countries alike are seeking innovation-driven growth through different strategies....

Discussion paper



20 Jun 2016

This document sets out AVCAL’s views on how government and industry can work together to ensure that Australia retains and nurtures its promising entrepreneurs and businesses. In a globalised economy where capital and labour is increasingly mobile, and the rate of technological change rapid, it...


8 Apr 2016

Since 1922, Coalition governments have recognised that regional Australia is fundamentally important to the Nation’s economic growth, social progress, and national identity. A group of MPs and Senators from the regions formed the Country Party and worked in Coalition ever since.

We continue to...

Discussion paper


11 Feb 2016

The focus of DASSH’s submission is on how the research and innovation sector, including the arts, social sciences and humanities, can better assist in overcoming Australia’s geographic, economic and labour challenges, with a focus on commercialisation, including how technology imports and exports could be further...


24 Nov 2015

By finding new ways of creating, delivering and capturing value, visionary entrepreneurs are important game-changers who defy old business models, rewrite the rules, and define new traditions in their industries. This is essential for Australia in the post mining boom economy where economic progress will...


21 Jan 2015

Key points

42% of employing businesses were innovative and these businesses accounted for 70% of the economy’s employment, capital expenditure and business income. Australian SMEs rank high on innovation compared to OECD counterparts Australian businesses rank low on new-to-market innovation compared to other countries...


11 Dec 2013

This OECD report bridges the gap between theory and implementation through case studies that illustrate the conditions in which the concept of smart specialisation can be used to design better public policies for boosting innovation driven growth in OECD regions. It emphasises the need for...


1 Aug 2011

Key points

Metrics and baseline indicators which track progress against the Government’s innovation priorities and targets – these metrics are presented under four themes: skills and research capacity, business innovation, links and collaboration and public sector and social innovation

Features and trends...


10 Jul 2008

Executive summary This paper discusses the contribution that the arts, humanities and social sciences can make to innovation systems and innovation policy by embedding design and creative practice in innovation.

Innovation policy is a major economic development strategy - a strategy that is...


12 May 2008

What implications does the new Government's innovation agenda have for people working in practice, in research and education, or in the cultural institutions? On March 31 CHASS ran a one-day workshop in Sydney to discuss how the Arts sector can respond to the new Government's...



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