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18 Apr 2019

By mapping the global expansion of 12 of China’s largest and most influential technology companies across a range of sectors, this project contributes new data and analysis to help consider the geostrategic, political and human rights implications of China's technological expansion.


4 Apr 2019

This committee was tasked with investigating the impact of new and emerging ICT, with particular reference to Australian law enforcement agencies and cybercrime prevention.


15 May 2017

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) eighth annual report on scam activity highlights the significant harm scams continue to cause to the Australian community. This report explains key trends in scam activity and highlights the impact of scams on the community.


15 May 2017

During this year’s National Consumer Fraud Week (15 - 19 May), Scamwatch is providing advice to Australians to help them ‘spot social media scams’.

Annual Report

17 Mar 2017

After one full year of operations, Digital Rights Watch has released its inaugural annual report.


6 Feb 2017

In the recent past phishing was an attempt to reveal personal information; passwords; bank and credit card numbers, usually within spam email that purports to be from a well-known legitimate enterprise. Phishing is rapidly evolving from attempting to just steal information to also be the...


21 Dec 2016

The report analyses data from the first large scale Australian survey of public wi-fi use. The report highlights shared challenges for public wi-fi users, employers, public wi-fi network providers, and policy-makers to promote public wi-fi security, while retaining the benefits of accessibility offered by this...


6 Dec 2016

The purpose of this research is to examine the complex interplay on the Internet between the right to freedom of expression (and information), transparency, and the right to privacy, which is further complicated by the competing interests of stateholders including the State, Internet users, ICT...

Journal article

27 Oct 2016

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the Internet's default inter-domain routing protocol that manages connectivity among Autonomous Systems (ASes). Over the past two decades many anomalies of BGP have been identified that threaten its stability and reliability. This paper discusses and classifies these anomalies and...


16 May 2016

This report explains key trends in scam activity and highlights the impact of scams on the community.

Snapshot of 2015

Overall contact levels and financial losses

In 2015, the ACCC continued to observe a high level of scams activity in Australia,...

Audio interview

21 Apr 2016

The Australian Government has admitted for the first time that it has the ability to launch cyber attacks. The statement is in a $230 million Cyber Security Strategy that will be launched by the Prime Minister today, aimed at beefing up the nation's defences against...


29 Feb 2016

The consumer IoT issues identified in this research report are derived from three broad consumer-focused use-cases: ‘smart’ homes and appliances (Connected Homes), wearables (activity trackers, smartwatches, implantable devices etc.) and health care (Connected Humans), and smart cities and smart cars (Connected Habitats).

From these...

Discussion paper

13 Dec 2015

Seventieth session, agenda item 17

Information and communications technologies for development

The General Assembly adopts the following outcome document of the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on the overall review of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit...


9 Nov 2015


In 2015, just under half (43%) the world’s population has an Internet connection: 3.2 billion people, compared to 2.9 billion in July 2014.

The Internet brings communications, shopping, entertainment, news, education, work and more to anyone, anytime, anywhere and on any...


1 Nov 2015

Executive summary

This report reflects the work of the Freedom Online Coalition’s Working Group 3 “Privacy and Transparency Online”, carried out between August 2014 and May 2015. The Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) is a partnership of 28 governments, working to advance Internet freedom...


9 Oct 2015

Based on interviews with participants in the AISI, this report reveals how the AISI is valued and the important role it plays in how internet service providers manage malware.

Executive summary

The Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) is a program operated by...


15 Jun 2015

Bridging the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web and the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the British Library encouraged young people to debate the issues of rights and responsibilities in the digital space.

On 15 June 2015, the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta,...


11 Jun 2013

This report explains key trends in scam activity in 2012 and highlights the impact of scams on the community.

Snapshot of 2012

Scam reports

In 2012 the ACCC continued to observe a high level of scams activity in Australia, with...


13 Aug 2012

Hacking. We often think of it happening to companies or governments. But it also happens to ordinary people.

Discussion paper

18 Oct 2011

This paper seeks to start discussion how government, industry and the community can work together to address the challenges and risks arising from greater digital engagement.

The result of this conversation will be the release of Australia’s first Cyber White Paper in the first...



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