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14 Feb 2019

This report is the result of the Inquiry into the appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of the Australian public employment service, jobactive.


14 Dec 2018

This report sets out the panel's 11 recommendations on the future of employment services. The panel recommends service delivery to be grounded in digital and supported with face-to-face services for those who need them. They recommend a more user friendly and personalised new system, built...


20 Sep 2018

This report paints a picture of unemployment and employment services in Australia in 2018. It is based on four complementary pieces of research that have been combined to present a full picture of the main employment service in Australia - jobactive.


14 Sep 2018

This report looks behind the headline unemployment statistics to reveal who is affected, why it’s no easy matter for most unemployed people to secure a job, and the disturbing growth in long-term unemployment. It also look at the chances people on unemployment payments have of...


10 Aug 2018

The Brotherhood is pleased to make this submission to inform the next iteration of employment services. Our contribution identifies the key factors constraining the current system and proposes a different way forward, underpinned by recommendations for reform.


2 Jul 2018

This research summary brings together the findings from a Brotherhood of St Laurence study exploring how Australia’s jobactive employment services might better assist mature age jobseekers to get work.


2 Jul 2018

Analysis of interviews with mature age jobseekers showed that there is disjunction between what these jobseekers say they need from employment services and what they get.


2 Jul 2018

Analysis of interviews with jobactive staff showed that employment services staff face considerable challenges and competing demands.


2 Jul 2018

In a changed labour market and with an ageing population, understanding the attitudes and needs of employers is vital to assisting unemployed older Australians to get and keep jobs.

Discussion paper

29 Jun 2018

This discussion paper sets out key issues to be considered in the design of a future employment services model. The Employment Services Expert Advisory Panel, national and international research, and user-centred design with users, including job seekers, employers and employment services providers, have also informed...


28 Jun 2018

This report documents the findings of the 30 June 2017 actuarial valuation of the Australian income support and social security system. This valuation is part of the work undertaken by the Department of Social Services to implement the Australian Priority Investment Approach to social welfare,...


1 Feb 2018

A new strategy would start by recognising that the market alone can’t help many jobless Australians find work, writes Rob Sturrock.


4 Dec 2017

Long-term unemployment remains a threat for young Australians, but blaming them for this situation is not supported by the facts.


17 Jun 2015

Measures changes in job vacancies advertised by businesses on three internet job boards – SEEK, Trade Me Jobs and the Education Gazette.


Online job vacancies fell in June. Online vacancies for skilled and all vacancies both decreased in June, by 0.3...


10 Jul 2014

Workforce exclusion is a complex and enduring problem in Australia, with some groups of job seekers more likely to be disadvantaged in the labour market than others. We identify a dominant unemployment narrative of ‘work first’ that surrounds unemployment interventions, and ignores the nature of...

Discussion paper

1 Jun 2012

The Australian government believes a National Career Development Strategy will help towards supporting individuals to make appropriate choices throughout their lives about education, training, and work and to manage their careers successfully. This Green Paper outlines a proposed way forward for a National Career Development...


1 Oct 2003

This report presents findings from interviews with young job seekers, Centrelink officers and youth workers, and from the examination of Preparing for Work Agreements. Highlighting communication problems and the limited range of activities included in agreements, it recommends improvements in the administrative processes which are...



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