lobbying regulation

Journal article

14 May 2018

What is the nature of the New Zealand market for political lobbying? This article concludes that the question is not whether lobbying should be made more transparent via regulation, but rather how this can best be achieved.

Audio interview

19 Oct 2017

Tasmanian Senator, Jacqui Lambie, is on a mission to tighten rules around political lobbying.

Policy report

17 Oct 2017

Imagine Tony Abbott resigned to become a lobbyist tomorrow. He would be seeking to influence the political position of his party for his commercial benefit and the commercial advantage of his clients over their competitors. And if he did, he would be completely within the...


3 Sep 2008

The committee received evidence from a variety of organisations and individuals that generally welcomed the Lobbying Code of Conduct. The majority of evidence received included comments of support, which viewed the Code as a significant step towards increasing the level of transparency surrounding lobbying activities....


16 Apr 2008

The Cabinet Secretary, Senator John Faulkner, released an exposure draft of the proposed Lobbying Code of Conduct on 2 April 2008. In this Audit Discussion Paper John Warhurst assesses the proposal. While welcoming the code, he writes that in important respects "it is timid and...



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