Long-term unemployment

Discussion paper

1 Feb 2019

Nick Dyrenfurth argues that for too long statistics have been hiding the real economic story. Consider the latest unemployment data - ostensibly good news. But ask anyone who is working or looking for work and you’ll hear a different story.


17 Aug 2018

This guide provides a brief overview of long-term unemployment, an introduction to the key concepts and terminology, and lists relevant data sources.


4 Dec 2017

Long-term unemployment remains a threat for young Australians, but blaming them for this situation is not supported by the facts.

Discussion paper

14 Mar 2016

The incidence of young people in long-term unemployment continues to increase. Contemporary research and discussion is lacking in detailed strategies and interventions to specifically assist this group. This paper highlights the experiences and issues of young people in long-term unemployment by presenting data trends, reviewing...

Journal article

30 Mar 2014

This review presents a summary of evidence on outcomes from active labour market programs. Active labour market programs aim to increase the likelihood of employment for individuals who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment. The focus of this review is on studies of active...


24 Sep 2012

Housing-related policies and programs can play an important role in promoting social inclusion by addressing homelessness, concentrations of disadvantage, and housing stress.

This project focused on housing in affecting social inclusion/exclusion. It reinforced the notion that exclusion is much more than simply...

Discussion paper

20 Jul 2009

Bob Gregory contrasts ‘the presuppositions of Royal Parade’ of 1950 Melbourne with the present outlook of himself and Australia at large. He outlines the evolution of his methodological position from the University of Melbourne student to the Canberra policy advisor, and defends that position from...


8 Jul 2009

For many jobseekers low-paid work is in itself not a good stepping stone towards a better job, so the policy focus has thus shifted from helping welfare recipients to obtain jobs, to supporting employment in quality jobs that offer opportunities for wage and career progression....


24 Dec 2007

This paper briefly examines the development of the Job Network and evaluations of this system to determine the Job Network's capacity to cater to the needs of difficult-to-place job seekers and the long-term unemployed, and how this capacity might be improved.

Australia has enjoyed...



29 Jun 2007

IAN ANDERSON compares the federal government's response to the Little Children Are Sacred report with the authors' recommendations

ON 21 June the Prime Minister and the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs announced a series of measures in response to Pat...


23 Jan 2007

This staff working paper is part of a stream of Productivity Commission research focused on labour participation issues, which commenced with the Commission's study for CoAG on the Economic Implications of an Ageing Australia (8408) .


11 Sep 2003

Peter Saunders and Kayoko Tsumori argue that introducing a six month time limit on unemployment benefits could dramatically reduce long-term unemployment in Australia. Time limits create a sense of urgency for the unemployed to find work and for Job Network agencies whose task it is...

Discussion paper

1 Dec 2001

A. M. Dockery and Beth Webster write that the incidence of very long term unemployment has risen by nearly 1 percent per annum every year since the late 1970s. Their analysis identifies five different clusters of work deprived individuals. Policy suggestions include more targetted assistance...



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