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Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice no. 535
30 Jun 2017

This paper outlines the regulatory requirements of different U.S states for managing medicinal and recreational marijuana use, and the costs and benefits of these measures.


21 Feb 2017

Victoria's first legal crop of cannabis has just been harvested for medicinal use.

The state has been manufacturing the drug at a secret location and is still putting it through the testing phase.

While patients in Victoria wait for access, NSW parliamentarians have...

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21 Aug 2016

Economist Dr Chris Wilkins leads Massey University's illegal drug research team. He recently wrote a New Zealand Medical Journal editorial promoting the idea of using registered clubs to regulate recreational cannabis use. In this interview with Wallace Chapman on Radio New Zealand's Sunday Morning he...

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16 Aug 2016

The Victorian government says it's on track to treat child sufferers of epilepsy with medicinal cannabis by next year. Several other states are conducting similar trials, but only the Victorians are cultivating their own product.

Journal article

1 Jun 2016

Cultivation of cannabis for medicinal or scientific purposes needs considered management before it is rolled out as a therapeutic good.

Since the publication in the Journal last year of a perspective on cannabis that stated: “Australia is behind the times on the medicinal use...


15 Sep 2003

The Premier of NSW has proposed that a four year trial of the medicinal use of cannabis be conducted in NSW. This Research Note examines the background to the medicinal use of cannabis, recent overseas experience, and areas of possible Commonwealth involvement with the NSW...



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