Position paper

12 Apr 2019

Australia's peak body for social services has released its health election policy priorities, designed to reduce the worst service gaps in health care for people on low incomes, and end some of the waste in the system.

Discussion paper

A review of the national reviews of Australia's health service arrangements
28 Feb 2019

This issues paper highlights the complexity and dysfunction of the current health system in Australia and aims to bring attention to the considerable agreement across national health reviews over the past 35 years.

Discussion paper

11 Feb 2019

The rapid growth in out-of-pocket (OOP) costs has undermined the universality of Medicare and the effectiveness of private health insurance. This paper offers a road map for tackling the problems associated with OOP costs through short- and long- term initiatives, backed by evidence and informed...


6 Dec 2018

The objective of this audit was to assess whether Human Services has an effective high-level compliance strategy for administered payments made under the Centrelink and Medicare programs.


16 Aug 2018

This report shows variation in the total annual out-of-pocket costs for patients for their Medicare-subsidised health care delivered outside a hospital. It shines a spotlight on how much patients pay out-of-pocket for specialist, general practitioner (GP), diagnostic imaging and obstetric services (otherwise known as the...

Annual Report

16 Feb 2018

The Australian government has released this response to the independent review, agreeing without qualification to thirteen recommendations and agreeing in-principle to the remaining recommendation. The response also acknowledges the excellent work of Professor Peter Shergold and the review panel.


19 Dec 2017

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of Medicare electronic claiming arrangements, including an assessment of the extent to which claiming and processing efficiencies for the Government, health professionals and Medicare customers have been achieved.


16 Oct 2017

The first part of the report provides a background to the Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS) and My Health Record systems. The second part of the report considers issues arising out of the misappropriation of the Medicare card numbers.


14 Oct 2017

This review report identifies options to improve the security of Medicare card numbers within the Department of Human Services' HPOS system, while continuing to support access to health services without unnecessarily increasing the administrative workload faced by health professionals.


14 Jul 2017

This report uses recent data to compare health care system performance in the U.S. with that of ten other high-income countries and considers the different approaches to health care organization and delivery that can contribute to top performance.

Discussion paper

15 Jun 2017

This report models the impact of an increased Medicare levy in comparison to a progressive Medicare levy, more like income tax, on the spread of Australian income earners.


6 Jun 2017

Despite the government’s resolve to defuse Labor’s Medicare attacks, the federal budget isn’t looking so generous under scrutiny, writes Lesley Russell.


17 Feb 2017

The AMA public hospital report card presents key data on public hospitals published by the Commonwealth, year on year. It uses this published data to assess the performance and capacity of our public hospitals to meet the community’s need for hospital services.

The AMA...


4 Oct 2016

The MBS Review Taskforce has completed the first phase of Clinical Committees review under the terms of reference by providing an interim report for the Federal Health Minister. The Interim Report highlights a number of key areas including;

The need for the review Methodology...


20 Sep 2016

We’re paying too much for a bloated financial service sector.

A prominent example is Australia’s largest health insurer, Medibank Private, which in the last financial year absorbed just over a billion dollars of contributors’ premiums in management overheads and profits – $511 million as...

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6 Jul 2016

The Australian Medical Association says unfreezing Medicare rebates for health practitioners should be on the Coalition's list if it wants to rebuild public trust. The Prime Minister has acknowledged the Coalition must work harder to convince voters when it comes to health policy. The AMA...


21 Jun 2016

The privatisation of Australia’s Medicare organisation has become a hot issue in this election with the Labor party accusing the Liberals of wanting to privatise Medicare.

The federal government earlier this year earmarked $5 million to fund consultants to review the digital payment services...



20 May 2016

The Australian Labor Party announced yesterday that it will lift the Medicare rebate freeze if elected to office in the July federal election. We know health issues feature strongly in election debates, but what does this proposal actually mean for most of us?


22 Feb 2016

Calls for changes to ensure patients are protected from out-of-pocket charges and taxpayers get to share the savings from economies of scale and efficiency gains.


The government could save up to $175 million a year by changing the way it pays...


7 Jul 2015

The impacts of the 2015-16 Budget must be assessed in light of the previous Budget, which casts a long shadow.

ACOSS estimates that, combined, the two budgets strip approximately $15 billion / 4 years from basic services and supports that affect low and middle...



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