migrant exploitation

Discussion paper

12 Mar 2019

This discussion paper seeks New Zealanders' views on whether the country should ratify the International Labour Organization 2014 Forced Labour Protocol , a binding treaty-level instrument addressing issues of modern slavery and forced labour.


7 Mar 2019

The Migrant Workers’ Taskforce, chaired by Professor Allan Fels AO, with Dr David Cousins AM as Deputy Chair, was established as part of the federal government’s response to the revelation of significant wage underpayments in certain industry sectors. This report provides a summary of the...


9 Nov 2018

This report examines five areas in which digital platforms are being developed to protect and empower migrant workers, and considers practical, legal, ethical, and technological implications, and the risks associated with them.


15 Dec 2017

Slavery is one of the most appalling crimes in human history. Regrettably, the term ‘modern slavery’ reminds us that slavery and slavery-like practices are still prevalent around the world today, including here in Australia.

Modern slavery is often ‘hidden in plain sight’. These heinous...


9 Dec 2016

Temporary migrants play an important role in Australia’s workforce and student population. Little is known, however, about the migration mechanisms temporary migrants use and the associated risks these may involve.

This paper examines the role of migration brokers in alleged and finalised cases of...



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