National Electricity Market (NEM)


24 Apr 2019

This updated research shows that medium to large rooftop solar systems are taking off, contributing with other solar and wind energy to the jump from 10% to 15% of the energy supplied to the grid over the last year.


4 Apr 2019

The report covers the latest key figures and statistics on the national energy market. It is the only analysis that includes the National Electricity Market, the Western Australian electricity grid and other major regional grids across the country in areas such as the Northern Territory....


29 Mar 2019

This report is the first for the ACCC’s new electricity monitoring inquiry. It sets out how the ACCC will monitor the supply of retail and wholesale electricity in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT.

Working paper

26 Mar 2019

This paper looks at prices in the National Electricity Market before and after the closure of this Victorian power station in April 2017.


21 Mar 2019

Welcome to the March 2019 issue of the NEEA Electricity Update, with data updated to the end of February 2019. The Electricity Update presents data on electricity demand, electricity supply, and electricity generation emissions in the National Electricity Market (NEM), plus electricity demand in the...


27 Feb 2019

The Australia Institute’s Climate and Energy Program has released the latest National Energy Emissions Audit for the electricity sector covering the month of January 2019.


25 Feb 2019


With up to $10 million of funding from ARENA, TasNetworks is investigating how further Bass Strait interconnection might form a key part of Australia’s future electricity and telecommunications grid.

Interconnection between Tasmania and the rest of Australia could unlock further dispatchable...


11 Feb 2019

Increasing renewable generation does create challenges for managing the power system. But energy market authorities have taken significant steps since the SA blackout to ready the grid ready for a future with much more wind and solar generation. This report identifies further necessary reforms.

Discussion paper

1 Feb 2019

This research shows that gas and coal power plants broke down 135 times in 2018, breaking down at a rate of once every 2.7 days. While this could be expected of an aging coal fleet, the analysis shows that Australia’s newest coal power plants (so-called...

Discussion paper

23 Jan 2019

Australia’s newest coal plants, including ‘supercritical’ or so-called ‘High Efficiency, Low Emissions’ generators, have higher breakdown rates per gigawatt than older power stations, according to this research from the Australia Institute.

Discussion paper

Electricity consumers pay the price for competition, privatisation, corporatisation and marketization
18 Jan 2019

As heatwaves across Australia heighten concern for high electricity prices as households try and stay cool, this research argues that the problem in electricity pricing is structural, and the Prime Minister’s proposed ‘big stick’ approach to breaking up electricity companies will likely exacerbate the problem,...


13 Dec 2018

The Australian energy market is in transition and the AER is working to place the needs of customers at the heart of this significant technological, policy and behavioural change. The report covers the territory and states where the Retail Law applies: the ACT, New South...


4 Dec 2018

The major conclusion that has come out of the various debates surrounding energy policy is that there is a serious electricity and power affordability problem across the National Electricity Market (NEM). Price increases over the last decade are significantly affecting Australian businesses and consumers.


29 Nov 2018

Renewable generation in the National Energy Market (NEM) has reached a new record high, with all new energy generation over the last two months due to eight new solar farms coming online in the NEM, the latest findings from the National Energy Emissions Audit show....

Discussion paper

21 Nov 2018

The ACCC is commencing a new inquiry into the supply of electricity in the National Electricity Market and is consulting on how it will undertake this role.

The ACCC has been tasked with monitoring and reporting on the supply of retail and wholesale electricity...


A report for the National Electricity Market
16 Nov 2018

Annually, AEMO prepares a summer readiness plan, collaborating with generation and transmission network providers, federal and state governments, and key agencies to actively manage heightened risks to power system operations.


16 Nov 2018

Although a carbon price is rejected by both major political parties at present, several simple and affordable policies, to be implemented by a future federal government and existing state governments, could assist the market to accelerate the renewable electricity transition.

Other text

8 Nov 2018

The Australian Energy Market Commission has made a more preferable rule that will require large electricity generators to provide at least three years’ notice of their intention to close. The provision of this information to the market will help minimise the likelihood of any price...


6 Nov 2018

The Australia Institute apologises for the delay in publishing the October National Energy Emissions Audit, which was due to internal considerations. The November National Energy Emissions Audit is currently being prepared and will be released on time.

The Audit shows that Australia’s emissions...


11 Oct 2018

This assessment of generator rebidding in the national electricity market (NEM) found that rebidding is contributing to the delivery of efficient market outcomes, but can be a problem where there is a lack of competition between generators.



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