nuclear power

Discussion paper

30 Oct 2018

This discussion paper examines the relationship between Australia and New Zealand and what this means for cooperation in the Pacific Islands region.


16 Oct 2018

This paper advocates early consideration of all aspects of a transition to nuclear propulsion for Australia's submarines, based on compelling strategic and submarine capability arguments. While a nuclear-powered submarine force would provide strategic advantages, some quite formidable challenges would need to be overcome to add...

Journal article

31 Oct 2015

The most curious and telling episode in more than four decades of Indonesia’s nuclear power planning was the nuclear establishment’s promotion of the tiny European country of Slovakia as an “inspiration” and national industrial partner for a proposed Bangka Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Between 2009...


8 Sep 2015


According to the Mineral Council of Australia, our country possesses 30 percent of known global reserves of uranium ore.

Australia can become the world leader in supplying fuel for low-carbon emission base load electrical power in rapidly expanding economies looking to...


14 Nov 2012

Executive summary

A reliable and affordable supply of energy is a fundamental component to a vibrant economy. As a major source of commodities, including significant known reserves of low carbon emission energy sources, Australia is well positioned to supply the world’s future energy...


16 Mar 2012

On 11 March 2011 a magnitude 9 earthquake in the northern Pacific triggered a 40 metre-high tsunami that struck Japan’s Pacific coast, causing 16,000 deaths, the destruction of 125,000 buildings, and meltdowns in three reactors in the Fukushima Nuclear Power complex. The scale of this...

Discussion paper

27 May 2011

This paper argues that if Australia continues to exclude nuclear power, it will likely remain the OECD's highest per capita greenhouse gas emitter.

The governments of most major industrial economies have concluded that if the world is serious about mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, nuclear...



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