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Submission from the Australian Library and Information Association, National and State Libraries Australia and the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee
30 Jul 2019

This response to the Standards Australia discussion paper is informed by our commitment to providing access to information to those who need it.


10 Jul 2019

This starter kit has been created to provide instructors with an introduction to the use and creation of open educational resources (OER). Although some chapters contain more advanced content, the starter kit is primarily intended for users who are entirely new to Open Education.

Audio interview

28 May 2019

Martin Borchert, UNSW Librarian, explains the ideas behind Plan S and the shift towards open access scholarship in this interview aired on ABC Radio National's 'Late Night Live' program.

Policy report

25 May 2019

Plan S aims for full and immediate open access to peer-reviewed scholarly publications from research funded by public and private grants.

Position paper

10 May 2019

This statement outlines the reasons behind the urgent need for the development of a strategic approach to Australia’s open scholarship environment to benefit researchers, research funders, and end users, including industry and the community.

Draft report

18 Mar 2019

The MIT Open Access Task Force has released this set of draft recommendations that aim to support and increase the open sharing of MIT publications, data, software, and educational materials.

Journal article

1 Mar 2019


Professors at doctoral-degree granting universities tend to focus on publishing with graduate students more than with undergraduates. While we argue that publishing with undergraduates is worthwhile, we first want to point to organizational structures that contribute to the focus on graduate students....

Journal article

27 Feb 2019

This paper describes current efforts towards building a framework that extends the functionality of an Open Access Repository by implementing processes to incorporate the ongoing trends in social media into the context of a digital collection.

Journal article

20 Feb 2019

This article explores the necessity of articulating an ethics of care in the design, governance, and future evolution of digital library software applications.


8 Feb 2019

This is a joint response prepared by the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group, the peak leadership organisation for 39 university librarians in Australia. Broadly we support the intent of Plan S, however in summary we believe that the implementation guidelines need particular attention.


Report of the expert group to the European Commission
30 Jan 2019

This report proposes a vision for the future of scholarly communication; it examines the current system, with its strengths and weaknesses, and its main actors. It considers the roles of researchers, research institutions, funders, policymakers, publishers and other service providers.

Journal article

30 Jan 2019

This article argues that the Plan S principles must function as an overarching framework within which local actors retain some autonomy, and should remain open to amendment as the scholarly communication landscape evolves.


26 Jan 2019

This report outlines the presentations given and the themes that emerged in discussion around shared interests, challenges to openness, and conditions for successful action, that emerged from a meeting held in December 2018 with 30 leaders of scholarly communities.

Journal article

24 Jan 2019

This article argues that while librarians, funders, and negotiators are getting tougher with publishers, offsetting, deals, and Plan S will not deliver OA or solve the serials crisis.

Journal article

10 Jan 2019


Publishing programs in academic libraries vary in their scope, offerings, and business models. Despite the many forms that these programs take, I have argued in the past that various factors constrain the design of a start-up publishing operation. In this commentary, I...


4 Dec 2018

This report contributes to a growing body of work from OCLC to better understand research information management (RIM) practices, including their regional differences, as well as the growing interoperability imperative between siloed sources of data—both internal and external.

Draft report

3 Dec 2018

While there are still a small number of commitments delayed in this first National Action Plan, Australia has taken great strides to improve transparency, accountability and public engagement over the course of this action plan cycle, with the majority of the plan’s commitments either on...

Other text

29 Nov 2018

CAUL and the AOASG have released this joint statement about the importance of Open Scholarship. The statement responds to recommendations in the Australian Government Funding Arrangements for non-NHMRC Research report recently released by the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training.


A selection of analyses and articles about open data, curated by Figshare
22 Oct 2018

Figshare's annual report looks at global attitudes towards open data. It includes survey results of researchers and a collection of articles from industry experts.

Journal article

15 Oct 2018

Making data findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable is an important but challenging goal. This paper will describe how Fedora supports FAIR data principles, both in terms of relevant features and community participation in related initiatives.



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